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What do the Star and Heart mean on Tinder?

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The blue star on Tinder is called Super Like and you can send it to profile that you think stands out. So instead of just swiping the profile, you can send a Super Like to that user. and they’ll be notified of the same. Naturally, if they right swipe on your profile, it’ll be a match.

Every Tinder user gets only one Super Like every day, but if you have the subscription of Tinder Gold or Platinum, then You will get five Super Likes every day. .Platinum users can even send a message with the Super Like to any profile that they think is a potential match for them.

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How do Super Likes work?

Super Likes is basically a way to let the other user whose profile stand out to know that you’re interested in them. If the user to whom you have sent the Super Like is a Tinder Gold or Platinum user then they will be able to see who liked them and vice versa.

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What do Hearts mean on Tinder?

Heart in Green colour and swiping a profile are same, Heart is available just below the profiles in the Discovery option in Tinder, you can either swipe right a profile or simply tap on the As when you tap on the Heart button it sends a like to like to profile and if the user of that profile also likes you back then you two will match.

People often also refer to the ‘Gold’ star among the top tabs. Those are the likes that you’ve received. Read our article to know who likes you on Tinder.

All users are limited to 100 swipes every day in Tinder, to make sure you are not spamming everyone to get a random match, but if you are a Tinder plus, Gold or Platinum user then you get unlimited swipes.

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