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The Atlantic and Vox Media partner with OpenAI for data sharing

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The Atlantic and Vox Media have independently secured licensing and product agreements with OpenAI, the organisation behind ChatGPT. This partnership will provide the much-needed data for OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) to train while also protecting the company from copyright liability.

While the exact financial terms of these deals have not been disclosed, it is anticipated that both The Atlantic and Vox Media will be compensated for their contributions. This trend highlights a shift where media companies favour collaborative agreements with AI firms over litigation, often finding these partnerships more beneficial and timely than legal confrontation.

First reported by Axios, the deals, spanning multiple years, allow OpenAI to license extensive archives from both publishers. The Atlantic, established in 1857, offers a rich historical and modern content collection. Vox Media, known for brands such as Vox, The Verge, Eater, and New York Magazine, contributes diverse digital content.

OpenAI will use this content to train its AI models and incorporate current articles to enhance user experiences across its products, including ChatGPT. OpenAI will cite and link to original articles when referencing this content in its responses, ensuring proper attribution and directing traffic back to the publishers.

Both publishers also plan to utilise OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) to enhance and develop new journalism products. The Atlantic will launch Atlantic Labs to explore AI-driven features and products. The publication will leverage OpenAI’s technologies while collaborating with other AI entities.

Vox Media intends to integrate OpenAI’s technology to bolster internal and audience-facing capabilities. Internally, Vox will employ AI to optimise its advertising and audience targeting via its data platform, Forte. Externally, Vox aims to improve content discovery and recommendations, such as matching shoppers with products endorsed by its site, The Strategist.

OpenAI is rapidly expanding its partnership with publications. A few days back, the company collaborated with News Corp in a $250 million deal.

Last week, OpenAI and Reddit announced a strategic partnership for mutual benefit. On May 1. 2024, eight newspapers sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement. In April, OpenAI and Financial Times entered into a similar agreement.

As more media organisations choose to partner with OpenAI, the field of AI-driven journalism continues to expand.

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