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Top 7 LAN gaming tools

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Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternatives

Everyone gamer has a dream of playing the same game with his friends in a team or against each other at the same time.  LAN gaming has made it possible to play with friends sitting in a room connected with the help of Ethernet cables and a router. But this is not possible when your friends are far away at their home or in some other city. Then comes the role of LAN gaming apps or software. They create a virtual LAN over the Internet and lets you play games with other gamers like they are right at your home.

Here is a list of the best LAN gaming apps and software, including Hamachi and six of its alternatives.

LogMeIn Hamachi

Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesThe most popular and most used software for LAN gaming is LogMeIn Hamachi. Supporting all operating systems, this software can be used in multiple configurations such as gateway virtual network, hub and spoke virtual networking, or mesh networking. The network uses AES 256-bit encryption for secure communications. Hamachi is easy to use and set-up. Hamachi is free up to 5 computers. For using it for over five computers, you will need to get a package according to your need starting from $49/year.

You can find LogMeIn Hamachi here.

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Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi is the upgraded version of Evolve, a top-rated LAN gaming software. This software has an inbuilt LAN support for every game you can think of and also has features like party mode and matchmaking. You can build your gaming profile and use professionally designed overlay templates. It has a well-built UI and also supports live streaming of games. It also has a community in which you can join groups, make friends, share your progress and do plenty of other things.

You can find here.


Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesLaunched in 2008 for PC gaming, Gameranger is a very old and secure LAN gaming client as compared to the other software. It uses its client; Therefore, the pings are very low. It doesn’t have as many features as others but is highly secure, lag-free and uninterrupted.

You can find Gameranger here.


Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesOne of the lightest software for creating a LAN setup, this software weighs just 2 MB. This software connects PCs with P2P association, but it requires prior knowledge to use this software and to create a LAN setup. This software is an open-source software which makes it completely free.

You can find Wippien here.

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Ramdin VPN

Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesRamdin VPN is a good choice for users who want a high-speed VPN along with low pings and an unlimited number of users. This VPN provides a secure VPN tunnel and gives speed up to 100mbps. It has an easy-to-use UI and setup.

You can find Ramdin VPN here.


Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesSupporting almost all operating systems, ZeroTier provides VPN and SDN services to a user. ZeroTier provides low ping, and you will not have to worry about low speeds. This software is open-source and free to use. Consuming just 16-32 MB of RAM, this software runs smooth and will not consume much memory. The connection made through this software is encrypted end-to-end with keys.

You can find ZeroTier here.


Top 7 LAN gaming tools including six Hamachi alternativesSoftEther is a simple-looking VPN software yet feature-rich. It supports all operating systems. SoftEther uses SSL-VPN tunnelling on HTTPS for maintaining privacy. It can be a little complicated for a newbie to use this software, but if you know all features, this can be the best software for your LAN gaming.

You can find SoftEther here.

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