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Top 7 split screen games to play on PC

Yeah, online multiplayer is great, but the split screen coop had its own vibe. Playing a game on the same screen adds a whole new level of excitement and competitiveness to the entire game.

Nowadays, online gaming has pretty much completely replaced split-screen co-op. In this article, we bring you the top seven games you can still enjoy in split screen in 2019.

A Way Out

Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

Not only this game is split screen, but it is also coop only. This means that you need a second person to play the game.

The game features a story of two characters trying to escape a prison. Numerous sequences need the two players to coordinate their actions closely to be able to clear a level.

Overall the game has some outstanding looking graphics, a gripping story, unique control mechanism and runs just fine without any bugs or so. A must play if you’re looking for split screen coop on your PC.

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Shank 2

Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

Though not entirely split screen, Shank 2 is an indie game that features a two-player survival mode. This game is a pure hack and slash fun.

You’ll find yourself immersed in the beautiful graphics and audio while slashing through wave after wave. The boss fights are just the right difficulty, and the overall game becomes more difficult as each wave passes by.

There’s also a decent selection of characters to choose. You’ll spend hours on this one, trust us.

Gears Of War 4

Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

This game doesn’t need any introduction. While the Xbox version of the game allows split screen in both campaign and online multiplayer mode, on PC, you only get campaign split-screen.

So even though you might miss out on the multiplayer fun, there’s still a lot in the beautifully crafted campaign this game has.


Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

If you’re a racing fan with a soft corner for demolition, you’ll love this game. With graphics straight out of 2010, the game is all about crashing and smashing while satisfying the racing urges of the players.

It supports up to 4 people split screen coop as well as online and LAN multiplayer. There’s a decent selection of cars split among four classes. There are several tracks to choose from as well as many game modes. You’ll love this one.

Portal 2

Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

Another top-rated game, Portal is all about getting around and solving puzzles. While it’s enjoyable to play alone, when you bring in a second player, the fun doubles up as well.

You and your partner team up to blow portals up across the map and solve mysteries. The game has gorgeous graphics and visual effects and is sure to guarantee hours of fun.

Rocket League

Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

Want some football action with a twist? Rocket League is on to the rescue. Rocket league is a game where you play football, but with cars.

The game is insanely fun and looks just incredible with motion blur, some beautiful graphics and visual effects baked in perfectly. You can play 1v1 split-screen matches, or team up and play 2v2 online matches.


Top 7 split screen games to play on PC | Candid.Technology

If we’re talking couch co-op, how can we leave out this all-time classic? FIFA is perhaps the best football and couch coop game around for more than a decade now. The game is insanely fun and realistic to play, has amazingly photorealistic graphics and close to life physics.

Besides, a new edition is rolled out every year. You can either play against one another or team up and take on other players in either couch coop or online multiplayer matches.

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