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Traeger error codes explained

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Traeger is a manufacturer of wood pellet grills for outdoor cooking, it offers different products like grills, pellets, sauces, spices, rubs, shakes, accessories, grill covers, and pads. Traeger grills have great features like a digital controller, temperature sensor, thermostat kit, induction fan and many other features that make it easier for food lovers to cook.

However, all the grills are electric and have components that might get faulty or show some errors while using the grill.

In this article, we have explained different error codes that occur in Traeger grills and the fixes to resolve the error codes.

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Traeger error codes

There are a few error codes that you might see on your Traeger grills and we have explained the causes and the fixes for the errors below.

HEr (High Error Reading)

This error will be shown on your Traeger grill’s display when the temperature inside the grill has exceeded 550 F for more than 45 seconds. It will shut down the auger and start the fan for 20 minutes to cool down. When the temperature comes to 450 F the auger will clear the embers in the tube.


  • The main cause for this error is that there is a build-up of grease, and ash that’s burning.
  • It wasn’t shut down properly.


  • Power off the grill and then let it cool down and then clear out the grease or ash.
  • Use good quality pellets that burn evenly.

LEr (Low Error Reading)

This error will be shown on the grill display when the temperature of the grill is dropped below 125 F for more than 10 minutes.


  • You have run out of pellets, so there is nothing to burn.
  • The weather is too cold and windy.
  • Poor pellet quality
  • Too much ash, sawdust or too many pellets is overcrowding the firepot and making it hard for hot rods to burn them.
  • The RTD, hot rod or induction fan is faulty.
  • P-settings are not adjusted properly.


  • Check if there are still pellets in the grill.
  • If the weather is windy or cold outside then try moving your grill to a sheltered place.
  • Use good quality pellets, they should be shiny and will snap easily when broken.
  • Check the firepot for ash, grease and sawdust and then clean the firepot.
  • Check the RTD, induction fan and hot rod of the grill are functioning properly or not.
  • Adjust the P-settings, P-settings are the pause settings which adjust the speed of the pellet to enter the firepot.

Err and Er1

These errors when there is an issue with the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) probe.


This error will be shown when there is a bad connection between the RTD and the control panel or it is completely disconnected.


Check the connection between the panel and the RTD probe, keep in mind you have to open the panel on your own, if you are not comfortable with opening it then you can contact customer service.


This error is also related to the RTD probe.


This error will be shown when the RTD probe has failed and needs replacement.


Contact customer service and ask for professional assistance to replace the RTD probe.

Contact Support

If you are unable to resolve the issue and want a professional technician to help you then contact Taeger customer service.

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