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What does DT mean on Instagram?

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This might be confusing for some of you might be hearing of it for the first time here but DT is an acronym for one of the most regular features of Instagram that we perform on a daily basis.

DT basically refers to ‘double-tap’, As in the feature of Instagram that lets you like a certain post or picture by tapping on it twice on your phone screen.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the double-tap feature of Instagram.

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When was the DT feature introduced?

Back in 2011 Instagram introduced the DT feature to make it way easier to like posts over the platform. No more tapping on the heart icon to like a post, now you can just casually like a photo or post by simply tapping on it twice.

You can also check the DT or ‘double-tap’ list on a certain post by tapping on the number of likes beneath the photo. Here you’ll find the list of individuals who have liked that certain photo or content.

People also use the hashtag #DT on their Instagram stories or posts to encourage their audience to like their content. This helps them increase the level of engagement over their profile.

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What does DT mean in conversations?

DT is also used as an acronym in regular conversations. In the context of messaging on Instagram or other messaging apps, DT does not refer to ‘double-tap’.

DT is rather an abbreviated version of the expression ‘downtown’.

Conventionally, downtown refers to going into a town or the centre of a town. However, downtown can also have a sexual connotation when used in conversations online.

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Ambika Rani Ghosh

Ambika Rani Ghosh