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What does the Blue Star mean on Tinder?

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Tinder is full of bells and whistles, and to keep up with its competition, the platform keeps adding new features to the list to keep things interesting for its millions of active users.

One such feature that Tinder added quite some time back is the Blue Star, and here we’ve discussed what the Blue Star means on Tinder and everything else you need to know about it in this brief explainer.

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Blue Star on Tinder

Blue Star on Tinder is a symbol for the Super Like functionality, which can be used when you like someone’s profile more than the others. So, instead of merely swiping right on the profile, you can send a Blue Star or a Super Like to the person.

Once you send the Blue Star or Super Like, the other person will be notified that you’ve liked their profile. You’ll typically be awarded one Blue Star every day by Tinder, but you can easily buy more too.

Different Tinder subscriptions like Tinder Gold and Platinum also get you more Blue Stars (five to be precise), which means that you can send more Super Likes than you’d be able to if you were on the free plan. However, you can also buy Blue Stars separately in bundles on Tinder — these have no expiration unless you delete your account.

Tinder Platinum users can also send a message alongwith the Super Like.

Is the Blue Star helpful?

As mentioned above, unlike the regular like (right-swipe) feature, when you Super Like someone, they’re notified of your activity and your chances to get a match back can increase dramatically — this is especially helpful if the other person isn’t a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscriber as they’d get notified even when someone likes them without sending them the Blue Star on Tinder.

Tinder also puts you ahead of others on their queue of potential matches when you Super Like someone. Your profile will appear with a bright blue border and blue star attached that indicates you’ve super like them.

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Yatharth Singh

Yatharth Singh

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