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What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

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Instagram has become a popular space for millions of people worldwide where you can post your everyday activities or capture moments and share funny reels. However, much like any other social media platform that witnesses such high engagement, Instagram also has its fair share of online harassers and bullies, including people you might know personally.

So, if you have a friend or a follower that you are not on good terms with but cannot remove as a follower due to personal reasons, Instagram allows you to mute them.

In this article, we will figure out what happens when you mute someone on Instagram and answer some frequently asked questions regarding the same.

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The reaped benefits

The benefit of muting someone on Instagram is that Instagram will not send push notifications whenever the muted person contacts you or posts a story. It will place a wall between their content and your feed so you will not be shown their stories and posts. Which is a relief, right? No need to lose a follower or seem rude. Anyway, the benefits have been outlined more clearly below:

  • The muted person’s story and posts will not be visible. You can mute them by:
    • Long press on that person’s story.
    • Select the Mute option.
    • Choose from two options to either Mute Story or Mute Story and Posts.
  • A person’s messages and calls can be muted as well:
    • Head to your messages. Long press their contact name on your message list.
    • Tap on Mute messages.
    • Tap on Mute calls.

You can also mute their calls and messages by opening their messages and tapping on their name at the top. Here you will be shown two separate toggles for muting messages and calls.

  • You can also mute notes from anyone, a feature that was recently introduced by Instagram:
    • Head to your messages. Long press on their note at the top of your message list.
    • Tap on Mute notes.

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Some FAQs on the mute feature on Instagram

Instagram introduced the mute feature in mid-2018, and since then, many people have tried this feature instead of resorting to blocking or unfollowing someone. A peaceful and non-mental violence path for you or your friends. However, if someone has muted you, you may have to observe their activities closely.

Given below are answers to any doubts that may arise if you are planning on muting someone or if you are wondering whether someone has muted you:

Does the muted person find out?

Instagram does not inform them if you mute someone’s story, post, messages, calls, or notes.

Can you still view their story or posts?

Yes, since you have not blocking them, you can view that person’s stories or posts by heading to their account. You can also unmute them from their profile. However, since you will never be notified about their actions, their presence will be entirely removed from your feed.

Can you still view their messages or calls?

Yes, if you have not blocked or restricted their access, you will be able to view their messages or calls. You can also message or call them back.

How long will they remain muted?

On Instagram messages, when you mute someone, you will be generally asked if you want to mute them for an hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or until you change the muted status, there is no specific duration for calls, and the person will remain muted until changed.

You can unmute someone’s calls or messages without heading to their profile by following the same steps you took to mute them.

Am I muted?

You can check our article here to find out if someone has muted you

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