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What is IMAX? Should you spend the extra bucks to watch IMAX movies?

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What is IMAX? Should you spend the extra bucks to watch IMAX movies?

The first IMAX experience I had was amazing. The movie experience was utterly unparalleled. In addition to this sound quality in an IMAX theatre is out of this world. IMAX takes the movie experience to the next level.

In this article, we will be talking about IMAX and how it differs from regular movie theatres. Reading this article will help you make an educated decision if you want to spend that extra money on watching a movie in IMAX.

Screen size and Camera

Regular movie theatres use a smaller screen size, whereas IMAX uses bigger screens, which provide a more immersive experience to the viewer. Standard movie theatres use a 35mm camera whereas IMAX uses unique 70mm cameras. These high-quality cameras clubbed with bigger screens provide the viewer a once in a lifetime movie experience.

These IMAX cameras are heavier than other camera systems and pose a lot of issues to the director. Due to this reason, there are very few movies (Avengers Infinity Wars and Dunkirk) that are shot entirely on IMAX cameras.

Most of the movies shown in IMAX theatres are shot on traditional 35MM cameras and then stretched to IMAX aspect ratios. These are known as digital IMAX movies and are nowhere near the movies shot on IMAX cameras in terms of overall quality of the finished production.

IMAX theatres have a different sitting arrangement as well. They use a circular amphitheatre-like seating arrangement to provide a mesmerising experience. This arrangement puts the viewers closer to the colossal screen.

Sound Experience

Another thing that separates IMAX from other alternatives is its sound quality. IMAX uses state of the art sound systems which are custom built for each IMAX theatre. These audio systems provide very accurate sound and no matter where you are sitting, the sound quality will be the same.

The sound in an IMAX is riveting and sets it apart from other alternatives.

In conclusion, one should go for an IMAX experience only if the movie is shot in IMAX and not a digital IMAX to get the true experience.

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