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What is an SVG file? How to convert PNG/JPEG to SVG?

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There are a plethora of formats available for displaying images. Be it JPEG or PNG, image rendering files rely on pixel information to create complex images, but an issue with using pixels to display images is that it cannot be scaled due to the use of pixels as fundamental units. When a PNG or JPEG file is scaled, the pixels expand or compress that deteriorates image quality.

There is one image rendering format that does not use pixels as fundamental units to create images — SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) uses vectors to create images. These vectors are coordinates for the shapes that form the whole picture. SVG images are created by layering a variety of shapes together, and due to this reason, it is possible to resize an SVG to any aspect ratio without decreasing quality.

All these properties make SVG ideal for printing banners, as the format is also gaining popularity in the web development domain due to its flexible nature. In this article, we will be talking about the attributes that make SVG different than other formats out there.

Advantages of SVG

  • SVG format uses plain text to store images. It allows users to manipulate pictures using CSS HTML5 and Javascript.
  • It makes animations possible. Each shape in the layered image can be treated as an object and moving these objects can create animations.
  • It has a smaller size compared to PNG and JPEG.
  • SVG allows you to bloat up your pictures in any way without losing out on quality.
  • If you use laser printing on wood, then you need to use SVG images.
  • Due to its scalability, it shows the same images on devices of different sizes.
  • These images are also SEO friendly as web crawlers can read them.

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Converting JPEG/PNG to SVG

You can create SVG images using tools like Inkspace or Gravit designer, among several others available. But it is also possible to convert PNG/JPEG files to SVG. All you have to do is to upload your data to an online image converting software. Here are three tools to help you convert your JPEGs and PNGs to SVG.

Online convert

What is an SVG file? How to convert a JPEG/PNG file to SVG?One of the best image converting software out there. It offers a variety of options while converting images such as size, colour, and DPI. It has a fast conversion speed and supports bulk image conversion.

You can access Online convert here.


What is an SVG file? How to convert a JPEG/PNG file to SVG?Another great image converting software. It allows uploads up to 100 MB and has an excellent user interface.

You can convert the picture using Convertio here.


What is an SVG file? How to convert a JPEG/PNG file to SVG?

This app gives you a variety of pallets to choose from while converting from a PNG/JPEG to SVG.

Click here to access Pngtosvg.

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