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What is Whatsapp Blue? Everything you need to know

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Whatsapp is, without a doubt, one of the most popular messaging apps around. While the app does have just about everything a messaging app needs, there are always people who crave more features. 

For those people, there are modded versions of the app available around the internet that add additional features and customisation options that you wouldn’t find in the official app. In this article, we’re talking about Whatsapp Blue and listing everything you need to know. 

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What is Whatsapp Blue?

Whatsapp Blue is a modded version of Whatsapp that adds additional features, better privacy options, and many customisation options that aren’t found in the stock Whatsapp app available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

There are caveats to using a modded app, though. It isn’t available for iOS devices, for starters, so only Android users can download the app. It’s also not made or endorsed by Whatsapp, and you can’t find it on the Play Store, meaning you have to download the APK from a third-party site and install it manually, a process that can get malware on your phone if done incorrectly. 

Whatsapp Blue features

Modded versions like Whatsapp Blue have three significant advantages over regular Whatsapp.

  • Privacy: The privacy features are, for instance, superior to Whatsapp. You can individually control messages and calls for each contact, record online/offline status and status changes, and tuck away sensitive chats in a hidden folder accessible via a password or biometrics. Do keep in mind that this is different from archiving a chat. 
  • Media/Files: Whatsapp Blue will also let you send larger and more files in one go. For example, Whatsapp limits the number of media files you can send at once to ten. With Whatsapp Blue, you can share as many files you want at once and share them in full resolution, unaffected by Whatsapp’s compression. This applies to any documents you send as well. The file and media sharing size limits are much higher than the stock app. 
  • Customisations: The other aspect is customisation. With modded versions, you can change your app’s entire look and feel by completely changing themes. You even have control over little things like how chat bubbles and profile pictures appear in the app and what goes where; you can pick different colour schemes and basically customise each and everything down to your exact liking. 

Is Whatsapp Blue safe to use?

Now that’s a tricky question to answer. Since it’s not an official app and will not be available to download from the Google Play Store, there will always be an element of risk involved in downloading and installing third-party APKs on your phone. 

If you download the app from the wrong source, you could unknowingly infect your phone with malware. Additionally, Whatsapp has been known to ban users running modded versions, which happened to me.

There’s also no guarantee how long the particular mod you’re using will be supported. Most of these developers work independently and don’t always have the time or resources to push out timely updates. 

At the end of the day, you’re entrusting an official app with sensitive data like your chat history, contacts list and any media you send, so you should be wary of the source you use to download the APK. We would advise against downloading APK files from anyone other than the developer’s website or social channel.

Most mod developers have their own websites and Telegram channels to distribute updates and new releases, and that’s your safest bet when it comes to situations like these. A little bit of research on the mod you want to download the and developer behind it will go a long way in protecting your privacy. 

Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Blue: Which one should you pick?

For most people, Whatsapp is the simpler choice. It takes mere seconds to download the app from the Play Store, and there is no risk involved whatsoever. However, if you’re looking for more features, be it customisation, privacy or just the ability to send a lot of media, Whatsapp Blue or any of the other mods floating around are the way to go. 

These mods are for power users who like tinkering with their phones and understand the consequences should they make a mistake. 

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