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When does Minecraft 1.20 come out?

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Minecraft a popular sandbox game was initially released in 2011 and developed by Mojang Studios. The game offers boundless creativity and limitless exploration, allowing players to build, mine and survive in a pixelated world. As Minecraft continues to evolve and expand, players eagerly await each new update filled with new features, enhancements and gameplay elements.

In this article, we have discussed speculated release date of Minecraft 1.20 and some new features coming in Minecraft 1.20.

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Minecraft 1.20 update

During Minecraft Live on October 15, 2022, an announcement was made regarding the upcoming content update. It has now been officially named Trails and Tales and the update is mostly focused on the Minecraft community and their stories. Prior to the release date of the Trails and Tales update, Mojang Studios has disclosed all the thrilling new features that we can see in the new update.

When to expect the release of Minecraft 1.20?

With Mojang releasing 1.20 pre-release 1, the possibility of Minecraft 1.20 being launched in June 2023 is growing stronger. Although an exact date has not been officially confirmed, we anticipate the arrival of the Trails and Tales update within a few weeks.

In the past, Minecraft has unveiled its last five major updates during the following months: June 2022, November 2021, June 2021, June 2020, and December 2019. When we exclude the gap caused by the pandemic year (2020), the announced timeline aligns with this established pattern.

Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales new features

Cherry Blossom Biome

It is a forest biome in the overworld that showcases the iconic cherry blossom trees adorned with pink leaves. Additionally, the flowers in this biome also share the same pink hue. However, there isn’t clear news on whether there will be any exclusive mob spawning in the particular biome.

The wood set included in this update offers blocks and items in pink colour. As an added bonus, players will also have access to the new cherry blossom sapling and cherry logs, which can be obtained specifically from this biome.


During Minecraft Live 2020, the feature was initially announced as a part of the Caves and Cliffs update but was eventually abandoned. In an unexpected announcement on February 10, 2023, Mojang Studios disclosed that they were actively developing Minecraft archaeology and confirmed its inclusion in the 1.20 update. Within the Desert Temples, Ocean Ruins, and a new location you will find suspicious sand and gravel blocks.

Bamboo blocks and rafts

This particular wood set stands out because of its distinct collection of blocks. Bamboo wood, in particular, allows for the creation of decorative bamboo mosaic blocks, which is exclusive to this wood type in Minecraft. This uniqueness sets it apart from other types of wood.

Additionally, bamboo wood can be utilized to craft rafts in Minecraft, which function similarly to boats but possess a more open and visually appealing design.

Chiseled bookshelves

Once you have crafted the new chiseled bookshelf, it becomes possible to store both regular and enchanted books within it. You have the freedom to place any book in any slot on the chiseled bookshelf, although visually distinguishing them is not possible.

However, this doesn’t imply that each slot carries the same significance. Each individual storage slot of the bookshelf sends a Redstone signal with varying strengths.

Hanging signs

You can hang the hanging sign on any block, allowing you to place them on the sides or even the undersides of blocks. You are no longer limited to placing them solely on the ground. Furthermore, by stacking signs under signs, you can create a variety of decorative items, forming structures like wind chimes.

In Minecraft 1.20 you will be able to edit signs and modify the text written on them. You don’t have to destroy and create a new one every time. Instead, you can directly add and change text on both sides of the sign.


Naturally, camel mobs will exclusively spawn in desert biomes. They stand out as one of the largest creatures in the game and provide a unique advantage: riding a camel at nighttime will keep you safe from hostile mobs, as they cannot reach you.

Armor Trims and Customization

At long last, Minecraft 1.20 introduces armor customization, allowing players to personalize their armor sets. Each armor piece offers a choice of 11 pattern designs available in 10 distinct colours. With the vast assortment of armor types in Minecraft and the ability to mix and match items, you can effortlessly create numerous styles for your armor collection.

This armor customization feature is made possible by the introduction of a new item called armor trim. This unique item variant can be found in nearly every major structure scattered throughout the Minecraft world.

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