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Where does Snagit save images?

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Snagit is a screen recording software through which you can capture screenshots and videos. You can edit your screenshots as well using the editor tool of the Snagit. Available for both Windows and macOS, Snagit is a premium tool in which you get a 15-day free trial, after which you have to pay approximately $60 to buy the software.

In this article, you will find out where Snagit saves the images and videos on Windows and macOS.

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Where does Snagit save images?

The location where Snagit saves the images varies with the fact whether the image is saved or unsaved.

Location of unsaved images

By default, Snagit stores all the unsaved files into the Snagit Datastore folder. The Snagit Datastore folder is a hidden folder in your system where all your unsaved files are automatically saved with the .snag file extension.

The location of the Snagit Datastore folder is:

snagit - datastore in file explorer

The .snag file can only be opened in the Snagit tool. You cannot open or preview the .snag file in the file explorer. Your unsaved files will be present in the Snagit library until you delete them from the library.

Location of saved images

When you save the unsaved image or video, Snagit stores the file in the location and format (JPG or PNG, among others) specified by the user. Snagit removes the unsaved file from the Datastore folder and saves it at the location given by the user.

If you open any file into Snagit for some editing that is already saved, your file is saved at the same place your original file resides. You can see the saved file in the Snagit library until you remove it from the library.

Where does Snagit save captures in MacOS?

Depending on the version of Snagit, you can find the unsaved images and videos in either of these locations:

Non-App Store:
<User Name>\Documents\Snagit\Autosaved Captures

App Store:
<User Name>\Pictures\Snagit\Autosaved Captures

The unsaved images are saved as .snagproj, and the file extension for unsaved videos is .mp4.

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