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Where to return Spectrum equipment?

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Spectrum is one of the leading ISPs in the US and has customers in almost every corner of the country. The service provider also offers networking equipment alongside its connections, meaning that new customers won’t have to spend more to set up their connections. 

That said, Spectrum requires customers to return any leased equipment when they’re downgrading their connection, moving to an area with no connection or terminating their contract. In this article, we’re talking about where to return your Spectrum equipment and how.

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Returning leased Spectrum equipment

There are a number of options for you to return your Spectrum equipment. But before you get started on returning, let’s take a look at exactly what you need to return. 

Depending on what kind of service you’re taking from Spectrum, you might have to return the following equipment.

For internet-only subscribers

Here’s what you need to return if you only use Spectrum’s internet services:

  • Spectrum modem
  • Any rented routers from Spectrum
  • WiFi pods
  • Auxiliary devices
  • Gateways or router-modem combo

For TV bundle users

If you’re using a TV bundle from Spectrum, you need to return the following:

  • Apple TV
  • Spectrum TV receiver

For voice plan users

In case you only used a voice plan from Spectrum, you’re only required to return the following:

  • Voice modem
  • Phone (if issued)

How to return Spectrum equipment?

There are six different ways you can return your Spectrum equipment:

  • Spectrum store drop off (you can use their official store locater).
  • Return via UPS.
  • Return via FedEx.
  • Return via US Postal Service.
  • Spectrum home shipment return kit (contact Spectrum support to get one).
  • Home pickup.

Keep in mind that if you’re using either of the aforementioned postal services to return your equipment, you don’t have to pay anything for shipping. However, you will have to pack the equipment on your own if you chose FedEx or the US Postal Service. Simply hand over the equipment to either of the aforementioned postal service providers and they’ll take care of the rest.

What if you don’t return the equipment?

You’ll need to get in touch with Spectrum’s customer support to issue a return request. Once that’s done, you’ll have 15 days to return the equipment back to Spectrum. Keep in mind that some devices can only be returned using specific options. 

In case you fail to return the equipment, you’ll see an unreturned equipment fee in your final bill. This fee varies from customer to customer as the value of the rented equipment is different. Note that this also applies to partial or incomplete returns. 

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