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Whirlpool Duet washer error codes

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The US-based multinational manufacturer of home appliances, Whirlpool, is a well-known and trusted brand with a long history of offering durable and affordable home appliances.

Wear and tear are expected in appliances, and these can start causing some issues in the long term. Improper appliance use is one of the most common reasons for errors; fortunately, some aren’t as serious and can be fixed without an expert’s help.

In this article, we have listed relevant error codes shown in the Whirpool Duet washer and how to fix them.

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Error codes shown in the Whirlpool Duet washer

Here is a list of 16 Whirlpool Duet washer error codes, their reasons and possible solutions.

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error CodesReasonFix
F0E1Items detected in the drum during the cleaning cycleClear out the load from the drum during the cleaning cycle of the washer
F1E1Fault in the main controlIt can be a severe issue, switch off the power supply to the washer for around a minute and then restart; if the error is still there, seek professional help.
F1E2A fault in the motor happens when the control board has been reset several times.The motor is faulty, and it needs replacing/repairing.
F2E3Fault in the cycle selection. This error does not occur frequently,Do a UI test and check all the connections. The main control board needs to be changed if it does not fix the error.
F3E1Fault in pressure switchCheck for any object that might be causing the blockage.
F3E2Fault in temperature sensorSometimes wires that connect the sensor get unplugged, so check the wire connection at the back of the drum. If it still shows the error, the sensor might be broken and needs replacement.
F5E1Fault with the door switch. This error is shown mainly because you have run three washer cycles without opening the doors.Try to open the door after every cycle. Check if the door is closed before starting a washer cycle.
F5E2A door lock error is shown when the washer tries to lock the door six times and can’t close it.Align the door with the lock, and check for any blockage in the door lock.
F5E3Door unlock error, the washer will try to open the door six times, and if it can’t unlock it, it will show this error. Align the door with the lock, and check for any blockage in the door lock.
F6E2Communication error is shown when there is a communication problem between the control board and the motor control.Check the wire connections; if you don’t find any problem in the wiring, either part is faulty.
F7E2Fault in motor or motor control boardMake sure that the inner drum turns freely, and if it does spin freely, the fault may be in the motor control board.
F8E1Fault in water inlet. This error appears when the washer tries to fill the water for 13 minutes but fails.Ensure the water supply is on and check the pipes for any blockage.
F8E2Dispenser error occurs when the dispenser motor is not working correctly.Run the duet washer on diagnostic mode to diagnose the problem with the dispensing system.
F8E3This error is shown when your washer is about to overflow and it stops it.It can be related to many things, so check whether the washer water valves, drain pump and pressure sensor is working properly.
F8E4Fault in the flow meter, this error also occurs when the washer is unable to fill.Ensure the water supply is on and check the pipes for any blockage.
F9E1This is the most common error, which means the washer took too long to drain during the cycle.Your drain system must be clogged; clear out the drain system.

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