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Maytag washer error codes

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The Maytag Corporation is an American company owned by Whirlpool; it manufactures home ad commercial appliances. In major appliances, Maytag was among the top three North American companies.

Maytag provides the latest technology and innovation in its products, and just like every other technical device, they are also prone to some errors that might stop your washers from working properly.

This article lists all the relevant error codes in Maytag front and top load washers and how to fix them.

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Maytag front load error codes

Below is the list of relevant error codes in Maytag front load error codes.

Maytag front load Error CodesReasonSolution
LOC/LCThe control lock is activatedTouch the control lock button; in older models, you might have to press and hold the button.
dETThe detergent cartridge is not detected in the dispenserEnsure the dispenser cartridge is inserted properly and the drawer is closed.
IntThe cycle was cancelled or pausedPress the Pause/Cancel button twice and then the Power button once to clear the error code; if it doesn’t work, unplug the washer for at least one minute.
rL/F34During the clean washer cycle, some items are detected in the washerRemove items from the washer drum and restart the cycle.
Sud/SdToo many suds in the washing machineThe washer will not be able to spin out the water with too many suds. The washer will extend the rinse time to remove the suds.
A clogged drainpipe can also cause this error, so clear the drainpipe.
F5 E2The door is not locked properlyCheck for any object obstructing the closing door properly and press the Pause/Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the error code.
F7 E1It shows an error with the motor speed sensorThe motor is unable to get sufficient speed for the cycle selection.
F8 E1/LO FLLow flow of waterMake sure the water inlet hoses are not clogged.
F8 E2Shows that there is a problem with the Dispenser systemCheck the detergent dispenser and detergent drawer are not clogged.
F9 E1Show that drain time is longer than expected timeMake sure that the drain hose of the washer is not clogged.
Other F# and E# codesShows other errorsDisconnect the power supply for at least a minute, plug it back in, and restart it. This solves most of the minor errors.

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Maytag top load error codes

Below is the list of relevant error codes in Maytag top load error codes.

Maytag top load Error CodesReasonSolution
drnDrainage is not working properlyThis can be an installation issue
F#E#/F##System errorPress the Start/Pause button to clear the error code, and then press it again to restart the washer
HCHot and cold water hoses are not installed properlyTurn off the water supply and reverse the water hoses; then, start the water supply and run the washer again.
LdLThe lid is not lockingCheck for any object that might be stuck in the lid and causing obstruction in closing it.
LdUThe lid is not unlockingIf there is something on the lid of the washer, remove it.
LF, Lo FL/F8 E1The washer is taking too long to fill up the inside tankCheck the water supply of the house and ensure the pipes are not clogged.
lidThe washer is openClose the lid to clear the error code; if the lid is open for more than 10 minutes, the washer will drain out the water.
OLThe washer is overloadedRemove some items from the washer and restart the cycle
PFThe washer cycle is interrupted by Power failureTouch and hold the Start button to restart the cycle or Press the Power button to clear the display.
SudToo many suds in the washing machineUse High-efficiency detergents.
OfbThe washer load is out of balanceThe washer is running a load-balance correction routine. Let the washer continue.

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