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Will iMessage say delivered if blocked?

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If you are wondering why your message doesn’t say delivered under the text bubble, we are here to help you out. iMessage is a messaging app available to only Apple users. There may be a variety of reasons other than being blocked for a text message to be undelivered.

There are many reasons behind blocking someone and when we do, are their messages able to reach us on iMessage?

In this article, we will help you diagnose if a message sent via iMessage will read as delivered even when you are blocked. So hold your thinking horses and let us get to the bottom of this topic.

Instances of delivered

iMessage allows users to send messages, videos, and photos in normal instances. A small Delivered message is written under the actual text message bubble which indicates if a message has been received at the other end. In case, your message is not received by your friend, the same Delivered message will change to Undelivered.

An iPhone has various modes, like Driving Mode, Do Not Disturb mode, and other focus modes. If you think the message is undelivered because it might be on one of these modes, you’re going down the wrong lane. The message will be shown as delivered. However, you may not get a response back immediately as the person on the other end did not receive any message notification.

You may also receive an automated reply. To get an automated response, the other person should have enabled this in their settings when their phone is in focus mode.

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Instances of undelivered

There might be many reasons why your message hasn’t been delivered, some of them are:

Blocked contact

If the person on the other end, has blocked you then the message will not be shown as delivered. There might be no text in grey under the text bubble that says Undelivered. If your previous messages have been delivered but no recent message shows the Delivered grey text at the bottom of the text bubble then you might be blocked.

You might also notice that some messages read as Delivered and others have no text under them. Probably, the person who had blocked you eventually unblocked you at some specific point in time only to block you again and leave your messages undelivered. You can wait for a while to see if any response comes as they may have missed your messages.

To check more ways if someone has blocked you on iMessage

Android phone

You may be making your thought horses run in the wrong race if the person that you are trying to message has an Android device. Any SMS messages will be green in colour and you will be shown a small Sent text when you send any message. However, keep in mind that you will always be shown a Sent text regardless of the status of your number. This means whether you are blocked or if the recipient’s phone is switched off, the message will be sent but you will not receive any delivery notification.

All green messages are SMS texts, so you can never really figure out if you are blocked unless you confirm with the other person. On iMessage, only iPhone or iPad users can send each other blue messages. From any other device, you will receive only green texts.

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Spotty connection

If either of the parties has a weak internet connection then the message will sit undelivered. You can resolve this by trying to get into a good network coverage area. Since you cannot ensure if the other person is going to do the same, you can wait for their message till they get some network reception.

Switched off

If the person that you are trying to contact has run out of charge or if their phone is switched off, your message will not be delivered. In this case, you can wait for a while to check if your messages read as Delivered.

Feature disabled

This is not common but since nothing is impossible, you may also consider that the other person may have disabled iMessage on their phone. In case, they have, you can call them or use another method of communication. You can also check the same by asking a friend to send a message to this person from their iPhone. If the message is not delivered, then the issue lies in the recipient’s device.

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