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What is WT format?

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The WT format is closely associated with WildTangent, a company renowned for its expertise in developing online games and game technology. These files typically contain 3D models utilised in various WildTangent games, such as Fate, Polar Bowler, and Penguins.

However, unlike human-readable text files, WT files are binary, meaning their data can only be comprehended by specific software designed for their interpretation.

In this article, we’ll delve into more features of the WT format files.

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Identifying WT files

WT files can be distinguished by their signature: 41 D8 01 00 01 00 00 00 D8 08 23 B7.

However, it’s essential to recognise that not all WT files share the same structure. Some WT files adopt ZIP compression, housing one or more compressed files.

Notably, these files often bear names such as dictionary.txt and removed.txt, and they can be extracted by renaming the WT file to .zip and utilizing a ZIP utility to access their contents.

Other WT files may feature diverse formats, such as XML, config, or Comments.

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Methods to access WT files

You’ll require specialised software to open a WT file and interact with its 3D model data.

Here are some of them:

  • WildTangent Web Driver: This browser plug-in lets you engage in WildTangent games online, providing seamless access to WT files and their associated content.
  • WildTangent SDK: For those interested in game development, the WildTangent Software Development Kit (SDK) empowers you to create games utilising WildTangent technology and incorporating WT files.
  • Generic 3D Model Viewers/Converters: If you seek a more versatile approach, consider using 3D model viewers or converters such as Blender or MeshLab. These tools can open and convert WT files into various formats, expanding your options for working with 3D models.

The WT format’s versatility is evident in its widespread adoption across numerous online games and applications. The WT format brings to life fascinating 3D models, enriching the gaming experience and elevating online applications.

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