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5 elementary YouTube keyboard shortcuts you must know

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YouTube was founded in February 2005 and was eventually acquired by Google in October 2006. From the very first video titled ‘Me at the zoo’, YouTube has come a long way with over 1.9 billion views per month and thousands, if not millions, of new channels added to it since.

Another notable fact is that 70% users access YouTube via smartphones and as we all know the bandwidth available on mobile internet plans is limited and so it’s essential to make sure relevant bits of a video make it across to the person they are being shared with.

Here are a few shortcuts that you must know if you are a regular YouTube viewer. The shortcuts can prove to be very useful for performing basic functions and can save your valuable time. So, let us begin.

Jumping to start of the video

If you want to play the video from the beginning, press the 0 (zero) key on the alphanumeric keys of the keyboard.

Note: If you have the NumLock off, then the 0 (zero) key will not work for this function. Instead, you can use numerical key 7 for the function mentioned above.

Jumping to the end or the next video

If you want the current video to end and the next video to play, press the End key. You can alternatively also press ‘1’ on the Numpad.

Note: If the Autoplay option is on, then the current video will end, and the next video will start. If Autoplay is off, then the video will end without the other video starting. If you are watching a playlist, then, the current video will end, and the next video on your list will start playing.

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Skipping time in the video

We already have an article explaining how you can start the YouTube video from a specific time. However, if you want to skip the video 5 seconds at a time then you will have to press the left (for 5 seconds back) and right (for 5 seconds forward) arrow keys. Alternatively, users can also use the 4 and 6 keys on the Numpad to jump 5 seconds in a video when the NumLock is turned off.

Skipping via numeric keys

To jump to selected sections, you can use the numerical keys. Let us understand how this works. There are ten numeric keys (0 to 9). Each numeric key corresponds to the percentage of the video where you want to skip, either forward or backwards. For example, pressing will perform a 10% jump, pressing will perform a 20% jump, and so on. 0 will restart the video.

Note: Keep your NumLock on if you are using the buttons on the numeric keypad.

Adjusting the volume

For adjusting the volume, you can use the up and down arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow keys will increase the volume by 5%, and the down arrow key will reduce the volume by the same percentage.

Adjusting volume via Numeric keypad

If the NumLock is off, then the same functions can be performed by numerical key 8 (for increasing the volume by 5%) and (for decreasing the volume by 5%).

Note: Pressing on the keyboard will mute the volume.


You can get the full screen of the video by pressing on the keyboard. If you want to return to the primary screen, you can either press or Esc key

Happy YouTubing!

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