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Every Airtel SMS Center number listed

While SMS isn’t used as much as it used to be and has mostly lost its audience, people still use it to send instructions to their carriers, as well as when the internet connection is spotty or lacking.

If you’re unable to send or receive messages on your Airtel SIM, manually inserting the Airtel message centre number is the best way to resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t help, you can contact the Airtel service centre using the toll-free 198 or 121, where you can talk to an agent from your registered number (chargeable at 50paise/3minutes).

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Airtel SMS Center numbers

Here are the Airtel message center numbers for different states to help you resolve the issue.

Airtel SMS CenterPhone Number
Airtel SMS Center Number for Andhra Pradesh9849087001
Airtel SMS Center Number for Assam9818023015
Airtel SMS Center Number for Bihar9831029416
Airtel SMS Center Number for Chattisgarh3845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number for Delhi9810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number for Gujarat9831029414
Airtel SMS Center Number for Jammu and Kashmir9845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number for Jharkhand9810051905
Airtel SMS Center Number Karnataka9845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number Kerala9810051905
Airtel SMS Center Number Kolkata9845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number Maharashtra9898051916
Airtel SMS Center Number Madhya Pradesh9845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Mumbai9898051916
Airtel SMS Center Number Orissa9818023015
Airtel SMS Center Number Punjab9815051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Rajasthan9815051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Telangana9849087001
Airtel SMS Center Number Tamil Nadu9898051914
Airtel SMS Center Number West Bengal9932029007

If inserting the Airtel SMS Center numbers mentioned above doesn’t help resolve the messaging issue on your device, you can try contacting Airtel customer service using the numbers mentioned below if you’ve got a non-Airtel number handy. Otherwise, use 121 or 198 to call from your registered Airtel number.

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Airtel customer care number for non Airtel numbers

RegionAirtel PostpaidAirtel Prepaid
UP East98940123459935199351
UP West/Uttarakhand98940123459897098970
Himachal Pradesh98940123459816098160
Jammu and Kashmir98940123459906099060
West Bengal98940123459933099330
Andhra Pradesh98940123459849098490
Tamil Nadu98940123459894198941
Madhya Pradesh98940123459893098930

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