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Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check out

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Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check out

Most of us have multiple games on our PCs, and we love playing them all. It becomes a tedious task sometimes to manage all the installed games and keep them up to date. There are several game launchers available in the market that can help you keep all your games organised and access them from a single place in your PC.

There are multiple game launchers available in the market, with some of them being game-specific while others can keep a list of every game installed on your PC. Some have additional features such as a dedicated game performance booster mode while others have communities to interact with other fellow gamers.

Here is a list of seven best game launchers available in the market.


How I got my Steam account hacked and what I learnt from it?Steam is the most popular game launcher without any doubt. Launched in 2003, Steam is now a full-featured game launcher on which you can purchase games, interact with other gamers, manage your games, and do many other things. You can find games from nearly all developers like EA, Activision. It has a vast library with games from all genres, from shooting to racing games, and exploration to visual novel games.

You can find Steam here.

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What is Discord and why should you use it | Candid.TechnologyDiscord is a game launcher that has been dedicated for multi-player gaming. There are multiple features that enhance the gaming experience. Launched in 2015, Discord added its Nitro Game catalogue in 2018, but the company has announced that they’ll be shutting it down next month on October 15. They also added a new feature called the Discord Universal Library through which you can also manage games that are previously installed on your PC. It scans the games present on the system and adds them to the Discord library.

You can find Discord here.


Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check outPlaynite is an open-source video game library manager that provides a unified interface for all of your games. You can link games from Steam, Origin, GOG, and Uplay services, and even Windows Store (UWP) games are also supported on Playnite. It also supports emulator games. It is fast with minimum memory and resource consumption. Playnite is fully customisable, from simple colour changes to complete layout re-designs. Playnite is free, and you can view its source code at GitHub.

You can find Playnite here.

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Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check outPhoton is one of the few launchers that provides you with the feature of downloading and applying patches to old games through an online database alongwith all other features of a typical gaming launcher. Photon version 3 was free, but version 4 is a paid gaming launcher and costs around $12 if you want to use it with over five games.

You can find Photon here.

GOG Galaxy

Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check outGood Old Game Galaxy or GOG Galaxy is a launcher that was earlier seen as a storefront for DRM-free retro PC games but now has evolved in feature-loaded gaming launcher. It has a built-in DOS emulator that allows you to run old school games

GOG store has multiple indie games but features fewer big titles. GOG is simpler to use compared to other gaming launchers

You can find GOG Galaxy here.

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Razer Cortex

Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check outRazer cortex provides you with features that barely any other launchers provide such as game performance booster, system performance booster and much more. It finds games installed on the PC even if they have different launchers, and displays them. Razer Cortex can also find you deals on the games installed on your PC, which can be helpful.

You can find Razer Cortex here.


Top 7 game launchers every gamer must check outLaunchBox started as a front-end for the DOSbox emulator, but with time it developed into a full gaming launcher, and it is one of the advanced gaming launchers. LaunchBox is highly customisable, and you can tweak every setting. The only downside of this launcher is that it might not add your games after a scan. You will have to add these games manually.

You can find LaunchBox here.

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