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Top 7 notification plugins for WordPress

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Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, rivalled by a few, and one of the main things that has contributed significantly in its growth is an array of plugins by thousands of devs that add quite a few essential features that aren’t baked into Wordpress by default.

Notifications to users are one such feature that isn’t available on Wordpress by default but can be added to your blog via the scores of notification plugins available. However, since there are so many of them, it can become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

To make it easier for you to choose one that suits your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best notification plugins on Wordpress that get the work done.


It is a popular push notification plugin with more than 90K active users. When you post something new, then the users who have subscribed will get a desktop notification. The plugin supports all browsers on all major operating systems. Lots of customisation and reporting options are available too.

You can download OneSignal here

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It has some fantastic features like the option to send emails in addition to push notifications. You can send notifications about any actions in Wordpress not just when a new post is published. This plugin works with comments too. Notifications can be sent to users based on the criterion, for example, to all admin users.

You can download the Notification plugin here

Better Notifications

If you are primarily interested in mail notifications, then you would want to try this plugin, which is available for free and also offers a paid subscription with additional features. The free version of the plugin provides all the basics like the ability to send notifications to individual users or multiple subscribers, including those working on your WP site as a contributor. The paid subscription provides you with conditional notifications, custom fields, reminders, among other customisations.

You can download Better Notifications here

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WP Notification Bars

Instead of sending push or email notifications, the app displays the notifications in a separate column on your website. The plugin is responsive, which means you’ve got the freedom to choose a position for it on your site that could be changed depending on the page where it’s being displayed. You can also choose not to show it on selected pages of your website.

You can download WP Notification Bars here

Push Notifications

If you are targeting mobile users for your push notification, then this is the plugin you’ve been searching. The plugin has a free version that allows you to send up to a 1000 notifications for a post to Android and iOS each. However, opting for the paid version will allow you to send more notifications per post and also lets you send notifications to a browser on PC.

You can download Push Notifications plugin here

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WPFront Notification Bar

Top 7 notification plugins for WordPress | Candid.TechnologyThis plugin displays the notification in the bar at the location you choose. It contains some amazing features like the ability to set start and end dates for the notification, as well as auto-close. There are some other options available that allow you to set colours, size, location of the bar and also decide the pages where it appears as well as where it appears. You are also allowed to choose whether notification will autoclose after a predefined number of seconds.

You can download WPFront Notification Bar here

Cookie Notice for GDPR

Top 7 notification plugins for WordPress | Candid.TechnologyThis plugin has many active installs. If you are from Europe or a majority of your readers are from the EU, you should consider using this plugin as it informs users that your site uses cookies per GDPR. Messages can be customised in many ways like you can enter any text you like, choose the location, link to the Privacy Policy page and much more.

You can download Cookie Notice for GDPR here

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