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Why is Gogoanime not working? Quick Fix

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Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

Gogoanime is one of the most popular free anime-streaming sites around. A wide variety of animes, both subbed and dubbed, are available on this popular website. For all the weebs and otakus out there, this is a haven. Gogoanime features recent animes, movies, and new seasons of old animes; it also provides links to other anime websites, like Kissanime and 9anime.

Since it is a free site, there will be a few bumps here or there. Read on below to find out what this might constitute.

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Is Gogoanime not working? Here are four fixes

The site is illegal as it does not have appropriate copyrights of the anime show or movie. Any user can stream or download any anime series or movie of their choice. Usually, copyright issues in certain countries or security-related issues can cause a free website to crash.

Why is Gogoanime not working? 4 quick fixes

Malware or spam threatens website servers, or watching free content can be illegal due to that country’s copyright laws. However, sites like Gogoanime can even stop working when the right link is not opened. The following points are a few methods to check why the site may not be functioning.

Refresh your browser

Your internet connection might be slow, or the site may take too long to respond. Nonetheless, try refreshing the screen or re-opening your web browser. If this does not work, you can try clearing your browsing data and cache in your browser settings.


It can be used in countries where censorship exists on free sites, and using either a VPN or Tor browser or both hides your internet activity and lets you access the site hindrance free.

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Switch your browser

Sometimes, the problem might be in your browser if the site opens when opened from a different browser. You can try switching the search engine by going to your browser settings.

Why is Gogoanime not working? 4 quick fixes

For Chrome, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner and go to settings. Over there, click on the option Search engine; you can change your search engine from Google to Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Bing and

Website maintenance

You cannot do anything if the website is under maintenance; you can wait for a while or go to other anime websites that are alternatives for Gogoanime.

Top 8 anime streaming sites every anime lover must know about

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8 Gogoanime alternatives

You can visit the following anime websites:

  • 9anime
  • Kissanime
  • AnimeFreak
  • Chia-Anime
  • AnimeDao
  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation

Is Gogoanime down?

You can check the current status of the Gogoanime website to see if its server is down or if the issue is in your browser. You can visit the following sites to check the live status of any free website:

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