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Top 7 Tumblr alternatives

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Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work done

Launched in 2007, Tumblr was one of the first platforms alongwith Wordpress that allowed users to post content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other blogs and bloggers are allowed to keep their blogs private too. Tumblr serves as a platform for creative minds.

However, Tumblr has seen a lot of ups and downs over the past few years as it was first acquired by Yahoo in 2013, which was then acquired by Verizon in 2017 — bringing changes to the community rules — and more recently, Automattic acquired the platform. With the change in ownership, Tumblr’s userbase has dwindled and if you’re jumping ship too, here are seven alternatives to Tumblr that might interest you.


Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneIt is just impossible to talk about blogging without mentioning WordPress. The numerous themes and functionality enhancing plugins make Wordpress highly customisable. Some of the features provided by WordPress are multi-user support, social network integration, SEO, and custom tags/categories.  Wordpress can either be used as a free CMS on web servers or as a freemium blogging platform to help you get started.

Since Wordpress’ parent company, Automattic, acquired Tumblr recently, the two might see some shared features soon.

You can find Wordpress here

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Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneBlogger is owned by Google and it is easy to operate. One can make 100 blogs per account. It comprises of super simple web-based editor. Bloggers can keep an eye on detailed stats, such as monthly page-views, traffic sources, among others just by viewing options. For easy monetisation, there is the integration of AdSense. Earlier Blogger had terrible UI but it has now been replaced.

You can find Blogger here


Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneThough the name may sound weird to a few folks but the surprising thing is that it is exactly like Tumblr. The user interface and features are exactly alike. Soup can directly import posts from a large variety of social media platforms. You can also create a collaborative stream of posts. Custom CSS editing is also served by Soup.

You can find Soup here

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Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneMedium was founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams. Some of the features provided by Medium are keyboard shortcuts, sharing links, and the ability to set visibility, tags, and more for articles. It serves as a great medium for people who are passionate about writing. You can also follow your favourite author and might as well tag them in posts. Medium is a blessing in the sense that it has built-in stats for checking user engagement on posts.

You can find Medium here


Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneWith features similar to Twitter, Mastodon already has a pretty huge user base. Just like Tumblr you can create posts, other people can like your posts, repost them, and make comments. The user interface is not like Tumblr, however, as far as features are concerned they are pretty much similar. Keyboard shortcuts allow users to create new posts and do a lot more quickly and right now it’s ad-free too.

You can find Mastodon here

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Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work donePosthaven has a pledge that states that the service will never get sold or acquired, ever. All you need to pitch is $5 per month. Some of the features of Posthaven are password-protected blogs, email notifications for blog activity, and posts having documents and audio/video content. People who want primitive yet reliable service, as well as those who don’t mind paying without trial, can surely opt for Posthaven.

You can find Posthaven here


Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneGhost is rapid and responsive as it is based on Node.js run time environment. Ghost is available in two variants, a web server hosted package which starts at $19 per month, or a self-hosted one which costs $5-10 per month. A 14-day trial is provided by Ghost. Some of its features include support for third-party apps, post analytics, and developer tools in the pipeline. The amazing thing is that Ghost has real-time automatic formatting and preview as you type.

You can find Ghost here

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