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10 best YouTube downloaders and converters

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With over two billion active users, YouTube has been growing at unprecedented rates and has increased the engagement gap from its rivals. India accounts for a chunk of active users on monthly but still lacks internet coverage in remote areas, where streaming becomes an issue; so a lot of people prefer downloading instead for better access. If you’re looking for a YouTube converter or downloader or an alternative to YouTube MP3 org that shut shop in 2017, you’ve come to the right place.

These tools will not only download YouTube videos for you but also convert them to your preferred format such as YouTube to MP3 or Youtube to MP4. Here we list out 10 of the best YouTube converters and downloaders that might be helpful for you. Note that most of these tools download as well as coverts YouTube videos to your preferred format.

Disclaimer: Before you go ahead with the list, you should know that several videos might be the intellectual property of an individual, company or organisation, and copying videos as such can result in a copyright violation. Candid.Technology condemns piracy in any form. The videos downloaded via the downloaders mentioned below should only be used for non-commercial activities such as academic presentations, lectures or as a reference with full credits given to the original source in your preferred format. You can also use the videos with permission from the owner. We recommend you to check YouTube’s Terms of Service for precise information about what could count as copyright infringement on their platform.

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YouTube downloader

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)One of the widely used Youtube video downloader at present. Youtube downloader was launched in 2010 and came with an unpaid as well as a pro version, which is paid. As per the website, you can only download the videos from YouTube at present. With the help of this tool, you can download somewhere around 10 to 30 videos at a given point, depending on the speed of the processor.

Also, this tool allows you to convert the videos in MP3 format. With the tool’s built-in search engine, you can search the YouTube video, click on it, and then click on the relevant form in which you want to download the video.

You can visit YouTube downloader here.

Online video converter

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)

Online Video Converter is another excellent website where you can download tons of videos from a variety of sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. You can also convert the video to various formats such as .mp3, .wma, .flav, among others.

It also offers loads of other services such as screen recorder and media converter, where you can upload the media from your device and then convert it online.

To convert the videos, you will have to copy the video’s URL and then paste it in the box provided for that purpose. Now, select your preferred format and then click on START.

Note: As per the website’s FAQ, you can download the videos only on the Android platform as iOS web browser has some limitations. Also, we would like to caution you regarding the presence of excessive ads on the website.

You can access Online Video Converter here.

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Free YouTube Download

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Free Youtube Download is yet another tool by which you can download your favourite YouTube videos in just a few clicks. To download the video, copy the video URL, paste it in the box and then click on the Download button.

With this software, you can download loads of videos in any format, including mp4,mp3, MKV, among others. This application lets you perform other functions such as applying output name format, transferring the videos directly to iTunes as well as subtitle downloading. The software works both in Windows as well as MAC.

You can check Free YouTube Download here.

Any video converter

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)It is one of the best video downloaders currently available, allowing you to download from a variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Howcast and hundreds of other sites.

This app provides you with an ad-free, malware-free experience, which is the best plus point is you compare it with other such apps.

Apart from video downloading, this app allows you to do the following.

  • Convert the videos to various formats such as MP4, MPEG, 3GP, AVI. WEBM, among others.
  • Rip videos and audios and extract from CDs and DVDs.
  • Burn video to a DVD.
  • Edit videos.

Thus, this is an all-in-one package for the users. You can download Any Video Converter for Windows and Mac.

4K video download

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Here, you can download YouTube videos online as well as from the app. Not only that, you can download subtitles of the videos along with other features such as.

  • Download videos in 3D format.
  • Directly transfer the videos to iTunes.
  • Setup proxy server.
  • Supports 360-degree videos.

The software supports 13 languages including German, Russian, English, Polish, Chinese and others. However, you can convert the videos only if you buy the paid version. With this exception, this tool is quite impressive even if you are on the free version.

You can visit 4K Video Downloader here.

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Win X YouTube downloader

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Here, you can download from various popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Tumblr, TikTok, among others.

This tool supports batch downloading and 8K video download. Also, you can download YouTube playlists with no extra add-ons.

You can access Win X YouTube downloader here.

y2mate (online)

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Y2mate is another simple website where you have to paste the URL in the box, select your video format and then wait for the video file to download.

y2mate is also available on Android should you choose to download the video on your phone.

Click here for the web version of the y2mate.

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aTube Catcher

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Atube Catcher is another popular video downloader tool using which you can download YouTube videos. Apart from that, with this tool, you can create your presentation, record audio from the computer, capture and record videos which are playing on your screen,

This tool supports downloads from websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, among others.

You can access aTube Catcher here.

YTD downloader

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)An easy and simple video downloading tool, which allows you to download the videos from more than 60 websites and also lets you convert the videos in various formats including MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV and others. Also, you can monitor the activity with an advanced panel.

You can download multiple videos from this tool, and this tool also allows automatic download if the internet connection gets lost while downloading.

You can download YTD Downloader here.

Keepvid Pro

Top 10 YouTube converters and downloaders (online and software)Here, you can download from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Dailymotion. You can download the video by copying the URL and then pasting it in the box. After that, click on Download Now and the video will be downloaded in MP4 format. Simple right!

You can use Keep Vid Pro here.

These are the best tools that you can use for video download fromYouTube and other websites. We advise you to read our disclaimer before trying these downloaders.

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