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Bluetooth 5.0 vs 5.1 vs 5.2 vs 5.3: Brief Comparison

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Bluetooth is a convenient way to connect and communicate wirelessly. It helps transfer files between devices, use wireless audio gadgets, and connect to smart devices. Over time, Bluetooth has gotten better with each new version, offering more useful features and abilities.

In this article, we have discussed Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 and briefly compared these four.

What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Bluetooth 5.0 was a significant leap forward in terms of performance and efficiency. This version was introduced in 2016 and significantly improved over its predecessor, Bluetooth 4.2. One of the most notable enhancements was the quadrupling of the range, allowing devices to communicate up to 240 meters in optimal conditions. Bluetooth 5.0 substantially boosted data transfer rates, facilitating faster and more efficient data exchange between devices.

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What is Bluetooth 5.1?

Released in 2019, Bluetooth 5.1 focuses on improving location-based services, particularly in indoor environments. It introduced the Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) features, enabling devices to accurately determine the direction of other Bluetooth signals. This enhancement opened up many possibilities for indoor positioning systems, asset tracking, and proximity-based applications.

Photo: Ymgerman /
Photo: Ymgerman /

Bluetooth 5.1 also refined connection parameters, enhancing wireless connection stability. It allowed seamless switching between multiple devices, improving the overall user experience.

What is Bluetooth 5.2?

Bluetooth 5.2 was released in 2020, focusing on strengthening user privacy and security. This version introduced the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Secure Connections feature, enhancing the pairing process using public key cryptography. This added layer of security made Bluetooth communications more resilient against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks, ensuring users’ sensitive data remained protected.

The audio quality received a significant upgrade with Bluetooth 5.2. The introduction of the Isochronous Channels (ISOC) allowed for more reliable and higher-quality audio streaming, making it ideal for wireless earbuds and other audio-centric devices.

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What is Bluetooth 5.3?

Bluetooth 5.3 is an improved version of Bluetooth technology released in July 2021, but it may not be widely available on devices yet. While it doesn’t offer significant improvements in range or transfer speeds like Bluetooth 5.2, it introduces new features to enhance the user experience. One such feature is Periodic Advertising Enhancement, which reduces the receiver’s power consumption by discarding repeated data packets transmitted by the Bluetooth source.

Encryption Key Size Control Enhancements reduce power consumption by controlling the minimum characters used to encrypt data, reducing back-and-forth exchanges between devices. The Connection Sub Rating feature makes it easier for devices to switch between low and heavy-duty cycles, maintaining audio quality while saving energy when unnecessary.

Bluetooth 5.3 also optimizes data transfers by choosing the right frequency channel using Channel Classification Enhancement, leading to fewer chances of data loss.

Bluetooth vs 5.0 vs 5.1 vs 5.2 vs 5.3

Bluetooth VersionRelease YearRange ImprovementData TransferNew Features
Bluetooth 5.02016Quadrupled range, up to 240 meters in optimal conditions.Substantial boost, faster and more efficient data exchange.Better distance coverage, faster data transfer, and stronger connections. Ability to connect to multiple devices at the same time.
Bluetooth 5.12019Focused on indoor location services improvement.No significant improvement in Data Transfer.The Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) for accurate direction determination, refinements for enhanced connection stability and seamless device switching.
Bluetooth 5.22020No significant improvement in range.Improved audio quality with Isochronous Channels.Bluetooth LE Secure Connections for enhanced security in pairing.
Bluetooth 5.32021No significant improvement in range.No significant improvement in Data Transfer.Periodic Advertising Enhancement to reduce receiver power consumption, Encryption Key Size Control Enhancements to save power during data transfer, Connection Sub Rating for easy switch between low and heavy-duty cycles, and Channel Classification Enhancement for optimized data transfers.

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