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How to buy a striker in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?

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Carrom pool, a digital version of the game, strives to make the play realistic and intriguing. And this can not be possible without challenges in the game.

One such difficulty is banding together the pieces of various strikers to unlock them quickly. On the other hand, unlocking high valued strikers are fun and give players a sense of progress and goal in the game.

Although finding pieces of legendary strikers is much harder than the others and can instigate players to buy them instead.

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How to decide between the strikers?

Before getting into the buying part, you should first know about the categories in which the specifications of the strikers are listed.

  • Force: The strength and speed of each shot.
  • Aim: The length of the aim guideline.
  • Time: The maximum time to take a shot.

The striker with maximum levels of these qualities will surely help players in the game.

How to buy a striker in Carrom Pool?

Buying strikers in the game is not as straightforward. The in-game shop does not auction strikers in its selling cart. But there are workarounds to this problem.

Unlock with gems

If you have ever been to the in-game shop, then you must have seen gems lined up to be sold for a cost. Though you can increase your gems count using other methods, buying is just the simplest and quickest of all.

Using these gems, you can buy high yielding chests that guarantee rare striker pieces, lots of coins and some gems as reimbursement.

Note that buying these chests won’t guarantee finding the pieces of a striker you most fancy in your first purchase. For that, you have to buy more of these high yielding chests.

This is how you can buy these rare chests:

How to buy a striker in Carrom Pool: Disc Game?
  • Run the game; And click on the Equipment button on the bottom of the homepage screen.
  • It will open the Striker menu; Now choose the Striker you wish to unlock by clicking on it.
  • A pop-up will appear with the Striker info and below it will be the three rare chests that can be bought with gems.
  • For more calculated decisions click on the info icon above every chest.
  • Now, if you have the required gems to buy these chests then click on the green cloured Buy button below the choose one.

If you buy the same chest consecutively, its original prize drops, so always keep extra gems in your wallet so you can avail the discount offer.

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Buy premium passes of special events

Carrom pool has a no freebie policy for some of the legendary strikers to spice the game up. You have to earn them fair and square.

Although to maximise your chance of gathering these rare pieces quickly, you can buy the premium passes to the seasonal festivals that the game host. So, when you win online watches apart from coins, you can also acquire carrom points to earn high rewarding chests and bonuses.

To purchase premium passes, refer to the step-by-step guide below:

  • Go to the Events tab at the bottom of the games homepage screen.
  • Then click on the latest Festival held in the game.
  • On the pop-up window, hit the green Start Winning button.
  • Carrom Pass reward inventory will open, here click on the Purchase Premium Pass button at the bottom.
  • Choose the desired package by clicking the listed prize button.
  • Finally hit on the Buy Now key.

Play Goldern Lucky box game

If you have been playing this game for some time, then it’s likely that you have played this mini-game at least once and are clear with the basic concept.

The lucky box is a game in which you have to choose a box out of four, and the award it carries become yours. The downside is that you only get to play this game once a day for free. And the rewards you win by clearing each level in the game are so high that waiting sometimes becomes inconvenient.

The only alternative to this time restriction is to buy another round with real money. To do so, refer to the guide below:

  • Click on the Events tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Goldern Lucky Box game from the list
  • If you don’t have a free pass to play this game then click on the Buy button.

Always collect or buy gems first to get the most out of this game. Because if you accidentally choose the box with a bomb, you will lose all your reward and Gems help in getting a lifeline and aid players to reach higher levels in the game.

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