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How to get gems in Clash Royale?

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As we all know that there are some in-game currencies that are really hard to get and are very useful in making your deck and troops stronger. Gems are the in-game currency of Clash Royale and its not that easy to get these gems as you get very less amount of gems and it depends what kind of chests you winning.

In this article, we discuss how you can get gems in Clash Royale for free as well as buy purchasing them.

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Get Gems for free

The most exciting way to earn gems, coins and card upgrades is by playing the game and experience the real fun.

Play your way through the game to reach the top and in that journey, you will get everything that you need to make your deck powerful enough to defeat your enemies in-game.

There are many ways to earn gems and other rewards and we’ve listed some of the most useful ones below.

How to get gems in Clash Royale? | Candid.Technology
  • Complete quests and win different rewards and chests. If you’re lucky some gems in the chests will be waiting for you. Some gifts daily might also get you some gems as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Play battles to earn different cards, trophies, chests, coins, and gems.
  • Play party battles where you will not lose any trophies if you get defeated by the enemy. But if you win you will get crown towers and chests in which you can find some gems.
  • Play clan wars and win it to get rewards, in clan wars you get some coins or gems at the end of the clan war even if your clan loses the war.
  • Participate in events that are available and win different-different chests, cards coins and gems.

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Buy Gems through real-world currency

Mostly all the games allow the purchase of different chests, coins and other in-game currency via the real-world currency.

While not nearly as exciting as taking the usual route of battling and awaiting loot to get gems, buying them is surely and certainly the quickest way you can get gems.

You can buy gems by going into the game store and scroll down a bit and find the gems. As shown in the screenshot below you can buy different packs of gems for some money and that depends which pack of gems you want to buy.

How to get gems in Clash Royale? | Candid.Technology

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