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How to change the name of your Facebook page?

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Facebook is a widely used social media platform where you can connect with friends, family and co-workers. In addition to personal profiles, users and businesses can also create Pages, which have a wider reach as these are mostly public and can be made for spreading information on any issue, business or entertainment and by news publishers among other use cases.

You can also create a Facebook group, page for your business as well as for any event that is about to occur. Also, to get some real insights, you can create a poll on Facebook.

However, with time the purpose of a page you created years ago could change, and you might want to change the name of the page too. In this article, we will show you how you can do that.

Change Facebook name via the website (computer and smartphone)

Open Facebook and then sign in with your account. Then, follow the steps mentioned below to change the name of the Facebook page.

To change the name of the Facebook page, you will have to be the admin of the page concerned.

Step 1: Click on the downward arrow at the top right of the screen.Step 2: Select the Facebook page that you have created.

Step 3: Now, click on About option from the left sidebar. You can click on See more if the sidebar options are hidden. Step 4: Under the General heading, click on the Edit option besides the page’s name. Step 5: Type the new name of the page and then hit Continue.Step 6: A window will appear that will prompt you to confirm the name change. Click on Request Change to continue. Currently, you cannot change the name of the Facebook page on the app.

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Things to keep in mind while changing the name of the Facebook page

There are specific important points that you should remember before changing the name of the Facebook page. These points are as follows.

  • Do not use any variation of the word Facebook. For example, you cannot use the name FacebookCreators and the like.
  • If the page is not official, do not use the word official in the page name. When Facebook assigns a verified badge to the page, the word official should be used in the About Page section and not on the page name.
  • Write the name using correct grammar and use proper capitalisations. For example, do not use iTsmYpagE as the page name.
  • Try to use the name which correctly represents the organisation.
  • Do not use such demeaning or derogatory terms.
  • Do not use generic terms. Be specific while naming your page.
  • Remember, a Facebook review takes somewhere around three days. In case the name has been changed, you cannot rename the page again within seven days.

Why are you not seeing the edit name option on your page? 

There can be several reasons why you do not see the edit option.

  • There has been a recent change in the Facebook name, most probably within seven days.
  • You might not have the requisite page admin role.
  • If the page is regional and falls under the global Page category, you cannot change the name of the page.
  • There may be limits on the page.

Changing the page name does not change the username of the page which looks something like Pagename@username.

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