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How to change your name in CSGO?

Your in-game name is your identity in any multiplayer game. This is the name people (gamers) will start referring you to even if they know your real name should you play with them frequently. In all manners and purposes, it becomes your digital identity.

Having a unique name goes a long way in interacting with people online and making friends all while enjoying your favourite games. In this article, we take a look at how you can change your in-game name in CSGO using two different methods — Steam and while playing the game.

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How to change the in-game name in CSGO via Steam?

First up you need to understand that your CSGO name is the same as your Steam name. If you change either, the other will change automatically. However, your previous aliases will show up alongside your new name to ensure people can still look for you.

Now to change your CSGO name, follow these steps if you’re not in-game

Step 1: Go-to the Friends and Chat window. You can do that by either opening the Steam client and clicking on the bottom right or right-clicking on the Steam icon in the taskbar and selecting Friends. 

Step 2: When the window opens, click on the dropdown arrow next to your username and select Edit profile name 

Step 3: Enter the name you’d like and press Confirm.

Step 4: You’ll notice all instances of your name on Steam would have changed.

This is the name you’ll play with next time you launch CSGO

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How to change your name in CSGO while playing?

Now if you’d like to change your name in the middle of the game, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Press Shift+Tab to open the in-game Steam overlay. Click on the Friends & Chat option in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: When the window opens, click on the dropdown arrow next to your username and select Edit profile name 

Step 3: Enter the name you want and click Confirm

You’ll see that your name changes in-game with immediate effect. Note that this will also change your name across all instances in Steam.

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