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Dev error 5573 warzone: Quick Fix

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Call of Duty is one of the most popular FPS titles ever created. However, despite all its popularity, the game is still riddled with bugs and throws up unknown errors. 

In this article, we’re looking at Dev error 5573 in Call of Duty Warzone and a few solutions that can get rid of the problem. 

What causes Dev error 5573? 

The error can be triggered by several reasons, which can be unique for a given user. However, here are a few of the most comm0n ones. 

  • Connectivity issues. 
  • GPU driver errors. 
  • Corrupted game account. 
  • Corrupted, damaged or missing game files. 

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How to fix Dev error 5573 on PC? 

Here are a few solutions you can try out.  

Verify game files 

The first thing you should do is check for the integrity of game files. Doing so will find and fix any missing or corrupted game files that may be causing this issue. 

Step 1: Open your client and Select Call of Duty: MW from the games list. 

Step 2: Click Options followed by Scan and Repair.  

Step 3: Click Begin Scan and wait for the process to finish. 

Now restart and try playing the game again.  

Reinstall your GPU drivers 

It’s time to manually reinstall GPU drivers if there might be some issue with the driver files themselves.  

Step 1: Right-click Start and select Device Manager from the menu. 

How to fix Error DX11 Feature Level 10.0 on Fortnite?

Step 2: Under Display Adaptors, find your graphics card’s name, right-click on it and click on Update Drivers. 

How to fix Error DX11 Feature Level 10.0 on Fortnite?

Step 3: Click on Search automatically for drivers. Windows will then automatically look for and download the latest drivers for your particular GPU. 

How to fix Error DX11 Feature Level 10.0 on Fortnite?

While this should help resolve the error, in case it doesn’t, click Uninstall device and restart your PC to force Windows to install the required drivers. You can then update them later. This should resolve the Dev error 5573 issue.

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Update Windows 

Chances are there could be an issue with your Windows installation that might’ve been fixed in the latest update. Update Windows to the latest update possible and try running the game again.  

Check out our detailed guide on how to update Windows here.  

Rebuild your game settings 

Rebuilding your in-game settings can also help get rid of this error. 

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run prompt. Type %USERPROFILE%\Documents and hit enter. 

Step 2: Delete all files in the COD game folders. 

Now relaunch the game, and it should start just fine. 

Perform a clean boot 

To isolate the problem, perform a clean boot and then start the missing processes one at a time to find your culprit.  

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for System Configuration.  

How to fix Critical Process Died error?

Step 2: Head over to the Services tab.  

How to fix Critical Process Died error?

Step 3: Uncheck the Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox. Now click the Disable All button.  

How to fix Critical Process Died error?

Step 4: Now head over to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager. 

How to fix Critical Process Died error?

Step 5: Click the Startup tab again, select all the services and click the Disable button.  

How to fix Critical Process Died error?

Now try running the game again, and it should work just fine. The Dev error 5573 warzone should be fixed.

Fixing Dev error 5573 on Consoles 

Here are a few solutions you can try out on your console to fix the Dev error 5573 warzone. Note that these solutions might work on PC as well. 

Change the fullscreen mode 

Try swapping your game view settings from Fullscreen to Windowed and restart the game. This should help the game run just fine. 

Step 1: Open Warzone and head over to Options. 

Step 2: Click on the Graphics tab, and under Display Mode, change the current setting to Windowed. 

Change your loadout 

The error can also be caused by a glitch inside the game in one of your loadout items. If you’re using any loadouts or operators from Black Ops Cold War, try changing them back to their Modern Warfare counterparts and try again. You can also try removing all your skins.  

Try another account 

If nothing else works, try using another account to play the game to see if that resolves the error. You can sometimes run into the dev 5573 error as it can be limited to specific accounts.  

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