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Does Bojangles take Apple Pay?

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American fast food chain Bojangles, previously known as Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, was founded in 1977 and has since not only spread and gained popularity in 15 states but also across borders in Jamaica, Ireland, Mexico, China and Honduras.

As digital transactions have mostly replaced fiat currency wherever internet connectivity is available, fast food chains like Chipotle, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, and stores like Aldi’s and Lowe’s, among others have also started accepting online payments, including Apple Pay.

In this article, we’ve discussed whether Bojangles accepts Apple Pay as a valid payment method and other possible ways of paying in their restaurant, app or website.

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Bojangles + Apple Pay

While Bojangles doesn’t accept Apple Pay for online orders, it does accept Apple Pay in most cases, as highlighted below.

Bojangles takes payments via Apple Pay in their restaurant and also in their app at select locations.

Until 2019, Bojangles wasn’t accepting Apple Pay for in-restaurant or in-app payments, but that’s now an option.

Payment methods accepted by Bojangles

Bojangles accepts the following payment methods in their restaurant, app and online.

  • In the restaurant: Cash, card, Apple Pay, Google Pay; contactless payments.
  • In-app: Card, Apple Pay (at select locations), gift cards.
  • Online: Card, cash on pickups.

It looks like since the launch of its app, Bojangles has been working on adding more payment methods to make it more seamless to order using a smartphone. Apple Pay was added to the list of options not so long ago and, as mentioned above, is currently only available at limited locations. As Bojangles increases the availability of additional payment methods, including Apple Pay, across USA and abroad, it’s likely that they’ll be integrating Google Pay and other popular online payment processors like Stripe or Paypal in the future.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team