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What is DRParser mode? Everything you need to know

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Different manufacturers have different ways they troubleshoot and debug their phones but one thing that’s common across all of them is that they pre-install some sort of hidden debugging app on their phones to test things. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at the DRParser mode on Samsung phones and telling you everything you need to know. 

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What is DRParser?

DRParser mode is a hidden app on your Samsung smartphone that takes in special codes using which you can test hardware features, enable or disable them and even see important system information.

The app has the package name and can only be accessed by typing the following code in your calculator.

Entering the code will launch DRParser Mode.

As soon as you’ll finish typing the code, your calculator will switch to DRParser Mode and you’ll see a numpad with * and # buttons. From here on, you can enter different codes to access different modes for debugging problems, testing hardware, viewing information and so on. 

DRParser codes

Here are some DRParser codes you should know about:

DRParser codeDescription
*#9900#Opens Service mode and shows all the system logs. 
*#0*#Opens a secret menu with different system testing options.
*#0011#Shows GSM status information. 
*#9090#Shows USB Developer options.
*#06#Shows IMEI information.
*#1234#Shows AP (Application Processor), CSC (Consumer Software Customisation), CP (Communication Processor) information and phone model. 
*#0288#Shows battery information.
*#2222#Hardware version and related information.
*12580*369#Shows both hardware and software versions.
*#0808#USB service options.
*#0283#Shows audio loopback controls.
*#2663#TSK/TSP firmware update options.
*#34971539#Updates camera firmware.

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