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EOS webcam utility not working: Quick Fix

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Canon cameras come with a lot of features in addition to just taking amazing pictures. Your camera can also pull double duty as a webcam with a USB cable and the right software.

However, connecting your camera to your PC might not go as smoothly as expected. In this article, we’re looking at how you can fix the EOS Webcam utility from Canon not working properly. 

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Check camera privacy settings

Modern OSs block camera permissions from individual programs as well. Try seeing if your OS is allowed to access your Canon camera in the first place.  

On Windows

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Camera settings. Click the corresponding search results. 

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

Step 2: Ensure that the Allow apps to access your camera slider is enabled. 

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

Step 3: Next up, make sure that the Allow desktop apps to access your camera is enabled as well. 

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

On macOS

Step 1: Click on the Apple menu icon followed by System Preferences. 

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

Step 2: Head over to Security & Privacy.

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

Step 3: Head over to the Privacy tab, select Camera and make sure your browser is allowed to access the camera.

How to fix 'Google Meet camera failed' issue?

On ChromeOS

Step 1: Click on the Settings option in the system tray, followed by Privacy and Security. 

Step 2: Select Site Settings.

Step 3: Click on the arrow to the left of the Camera. 

Step 4: Under the Block section, scroll down to find Google Meet and enable camera access. 

Check the EOS Utility

There are two main EOS Utilities, one for connecting to your camera remotely to take pictures and download images and the other for using it as a webcam. If the EOS Utility has taken control of your camera, the webcam utility tool won’t be able to access it for use. 

EOS webcam utility not working: 5 Fixes

Open your system tray and right-click the EOS utility icon. Check the Do not launch EOS utility automatically when camera is connected option, restart your PC and try again. 

Make sure your Camera WiFi is off

A lot of Canon cameras come with inbuilt WiFi to allow remote connections. The webcam utility, however, uses a wired connection. If the WiFi on your camera is on, chances are it might try to connect to some other device hence blocking the webcam utility. So turn the WiFi off and give it another go. 

Check the cable and port

Another potential issue could be with the cable you’re using to connect your camera to your PC. Try swapping out your cable and even the USB ports you’re trying to connect to on your PC. If you’re plugging into a USB port that goes through a header instead of a direct connection, it can lead to connectivity problems.

Try switching modes

Switching between still and movie mode can sometimes get the EOS webcam utility kickstarted. Additionally, you can also try switching between autofocus and manual focus modes to see if that helps get your camera up and running. 

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