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How to fix Epson 8550 repeated paper jam error?

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While printing from Epson 8550, you can see a repeated paper jam error even if there is no paper inside the printer. It seems odd how can such a problem even occurs.

In this article, we talk about six ways by which you can fix the Epson 8550 repeated paper jam error.

Unplug the printer

This should be your first fix. Unplug the printer from the main socket and then let it rest for a while. After that, replug the printer and try again. This should fix the error.

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Remove all the ink cartridges and then reinstall it

You can remove all the ink cartridges from the printer and then insert them one at a time. Many users reported that by doing this simple step, they were able to solve the error.

Move the carriage to the left and then bring it back to its original position. Perform this technique a few times.

Check the printer for paper

It is easy to forget that there is indeed a paper jam in Epson 8550. So, make sure that there is no paper stuck in the printer.

Shake the printer to dislodge any small pieces of paper or some sticky paper that might have been stuck. Even a small piece of paper can cause the printer to malfunction. You can manually pass a thick sheet of paper through the printer to check that it passes smoothly.

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Check out the sensors of the printer

Sometimes, faulty sensors also cause these errors. Also, if there is dirt on the sensors, it can also prompt the printer to display the error.

You should wipe the sensors with a moist tissue or lens cleaning paper.

Inspect the encoder strip

Verify that the encoder strip is not dislocated. If that is the case, then you need to realign the encoder strip.

While you are at it, make sure that the strip is clean and dirt-free. You can use a mild cleaning solution to remove the smudge.

Check the paper tray

Epson 8550 printer has two trays — upper and lower. Make sure that the upper tray (marked as 1) is not pushed in. If it is pushed in, make sure to realign it properly by pulling it out. Turn on the printer and it should work alright.

Also, ensure that the paper tray is not overloaded with paper and that the papers are not placed too tightly.

If all else fails, then you can contact Epson support or take the printer to the authorized repair shop.

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