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Fix: Error communicating with Steam servers

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Several people on Steam have reported seeing a “There was an error communicating with Steam servers” message when trying to log in, download, or play games on the platform.

This error can prevent you from enjoying Steam seamlessly and can be frustrating for many users. Fortunately, this error can be easily fixed in just a few clicks.

In this article, we will explore some possible solutions to fix this issue.

What causes this error?

The “There was an error communicating with the Steam servers” can be caused by various factors, such as:

  • Steam servers are down or overloaded: Maybe Steam servers are down due to high maintenance, updates, or high traffic.
  • Low or unstable internet connection: If your internet connection is unstable or low, you will have problems accessing Steam servers.
  • Firewall or antivirus is blocking Steam: Some security programs may mistakenly identify Steam as a threat and prevent it from accessing the internet. You may need to disable or add an exception for Steam in your firewall or antivirus settings.
  • Congested or incorrect download region: Steam allows you to choose a region closest to your location for optimal performance. However, sometimes your region may be incorrect or have too many users, which can cause errors or slow downloads.
  • Outdated or corrupt Steam client: An outdated or corrupt Steam client can cause errors or prevent it from working properly.

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How to fix the error?

Depending on the cause of the error, you can try different ways to fix the “Error communicating with Steam server” issue.

Some of the fixes are as follows:

Restart your Steam client

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix many problems with Steam. To restart your Steam client, click the cross button at the top right of the screen or use the task manager to force quit. Then, relaunch Steam to see if the error is gone.

Check Steam’s servers

You can visit the Steam server page to assess the Steam servers. If there is any problem with the servers, you can see it on the page.

If there is a problem in your regional Steam servers, there’s nothing much that you can do but wait it out and hope that Steam resolves the problem quickly.

You can also visit Steam’s social media pages for the latest updates.

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Restart your router or modem

To fix the internet connection, a simple fix that has worked for many people is restarting the router or modem.

Press the power button on the device or unplug it from the power source for a few seconds. Then, plug it back in and wait for it to reconnect. Once you finish the process, try to access Steam again and see if the error is fixed.

You can try a few other methods to improve your internet connection, such as checking the cables and ensuring that they are secured in the right ports, making sure that there isn’t any physical damage to all the hardware involved in the internet connection, and if you are using a WiFi, place the device close to it.

For other such tips on how to fix WiFi issues, head to this article.

Disable Firewall or antivirus temporarily

As mentioned earlier, Firewalls or other antiviruses may block or interfere with Steam, causing an “Error communicating with Steam server” issue.

To fix this, turn it off from its settings or right-click its icon in the system tray and select disable. Then, try to access Steam again and see if the error is resolved. Remember to enable your firewall or antivirus again after you are done.

To disable anti-virus in Windows, head to this article.

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Change your download region

Sometimes, your download region may be incorrect or congested, which can cause errors or slow downloads with Steam.

Here’s how to change the download in Steam:

Step 1: Open Steam and then head to View > Downloads.

Step 2: Next, click the Download Settings button at the right and then the download region by opening the downward menu in front of the Download Region.

After completing the above procedure, open Steam and see if the error is fixed.

Update or reinstall your Steam client

Sometimes, your Steam client may be outdated or corrupted, which can cause errors such as “Error communicating with Steam servers”.

Head to Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates to update your Steam client. If there will be any updates, click on Download to install them.

Or, you can reinstall the Steam client. Open the Add or Remove programs tool and click on the three-dot button before Steam. Next, select Uninstall.

In conclusion, “Error communicating with Steam servers” is a common problem that can arise from several glitches and issues, some from Steam’s and others from your sides. You must follow this guide to fix this error.

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