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How to find privacy settings on Roposo?

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Two weeks since the ban of TikTok among 58 other Chinese apps in India, Roposo, which has the same format as TikTok, has gained popularity and according to their recent announcement they expect to hit 100 million users soon.

The Gurugram-based short video sharing app has gained a lot of users but is still struggling a bit with the entire user experience, which is common among newer apps and should be resolved as time passes.

Roposo allows its users to download videos or stories posted by others and also to mix and match them, which might not suit your privacy needs as any random person will be able to download your video directly from the app. Your Roposo profile is also indexed by search engines by default and anyone searching for you on Google might see your Roposo profile.

While Roposo doesn’t offer a lot of control over your privacy, it does allow users to disable the download button from their posts, hide their account from search engines and disable mix and match of their videos. Here we’ll guide you through how to do all of the things mentioned before by accessing the privacy settings on Roposo.

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How to hide the download button from your videos via privacy settings on Roposo?

Open the Roposo app and follow the steps mentioned below to find the privacy settings and hide the download button from your Roposo videos.

How to find privacy settings on Roposo? | Candid.Technology
  • Tap on your profile picture at the top-left of the app’s homepage.
  • On your profile page, tap on the gear (settings) icon at the top-right.
  • From the side panel that appears to the right, tap on the Account Settings option near the bottom.
  • On the next page, tap on Privacy (refer to the screenshot below).
  • Tap on the toggle button beside each of the three options to enable/disable them.
    • If you want to hide the download button from your stories and posts, tap on the toggle button beside Hide download button from my stories.
    • If you don’t want your profile to appear in Google searches or any other search engines, tap on the toggle button beside Hide my account from search engines.
    • If you don’t want Roposo to allow other users to use your videos to mix and match, then tap on the toggle button besides Don’t allow mix and match on my video.
How to find privacy settings on Roposo? | Candid.Technology

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can also access the list of all the users you’ve blocked on Roposo via the privacy settings page too.

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