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How to fix Generac error code 1505?

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Generac manufactures generators for both business and home uses and designed them to be portable and give the maximum power, and it is also bound to get some errors when something happens to the generator.

The Generac error code 1505 is an RPM loss alarm which will trigger the shutdown when it occurs and it is a cranking alarm which means that the alarm occurred during the crank cycle and not while the generator was running.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the Generac error code 1505 and a few ways to fix the issue.

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What are the causes of Generac error code 1505?

Here are five possible causes for the Generac error code 1505:

  • The battery is in poor condition or battery terminals are dirty or loose or it is not connected properly to the generator.
  • There might be an issue with the starter motor, it is not connected properly or the wires are loose or disconnected.
  • The starter contractor has some issues or is not properly connected.
  • The ignition coil might be damaged.
  • The engine is damaged internally, though this is the most unlikely scenario.

How to fix the error code 1505 issue?

Here are two ways to fix the error:

Restart the Generator

Restarting solves most of the errors that might be coming on the display because of improper shutdown or some minor technical issues, so to restart and remove the error code follow these steps:

  • Clear the alarm by pressing the Enter button twice and then press the Auto button.
  • Now remove some load from the generator by switching off some electronic items in your home.
  • Try putting the generator back in AUTO mode and then restart the generator.

Check the battery condition

The most likely cause of this error is that the battery is in bad condition or dead, so check the battery and make sure to do the load test as bad batteries show readings like normal batteries when checked for just voltage. and when put on load test they just drop to zero.

If the battery passed the test then check for the loose connections and terminals of the battery.

Contact support

If you were unable to find the issue or unable to fix the issue then you must seek the help of a professional and Contact Generac customer support.

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