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How to get Prestige Points in LOL?

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Among several other rewards offered to summoners in League of Legends, Prestige Points also incentivises players to go that extra mile and invest more time in the game. 

Like many other competitive games, skins are one of the most important parts of flexing your experience as well as skill by adorning your champion in different avatars.

While champion skins can be purchased in lieu of real money from the in-game store, more recent LOL updates have started rewarding gamers with hextech chest, mission tokens, Prestige Points and Gemstones, that allow the gamers to forge skins and other items, such as emotes, ward skins, borders and icons.

Prestige Points, in particular, get you limited edition ‘prestige’ skins for champions alongwith border and icon and other goodies. And who doesn’t like exclusive limited-edition things, especially when they’re skins for your favourite champion in League of Legends.

However, Prestige Points aren’t easy to come by, and in addition to acquiring them while playing the game — like almost every other cool thing in the game — they can be bought from the store too.

In this article, we’ve discussed two methods that will help you get Prestige Points in LOL. One of these methods will take a longer time to fulfil your wants while the other one is a shortcut, though you’ll need to splurge money.

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How to get Prestige Points in LOL via special event tokens?

LOL keeps on having one or the other events (Galaxies 2020 is underway at the time of writing), which give missions to players that are rewarded by event tokens. These tokens can be used to buy event-specific emotes, icons, skins, as well as usual loot items like champion shards or Hextech keys, key fragments and Prestige Points. This is one of the easiest ways to get Prestige Points without spending any money at all. Keep competing and completing the missions assigned, and you’ll get there sooner or later.

Follow the steps mentioned below to get Prestige Points from the special event token shop in LOL.

Step 1: Click on the Loot icon from the top of the toolbar, located to the left of the Store icon. Then click on the event token icon, which you’ll find under the Materials heading. Now look for Prestige Points in the token shop.How to get Prestige Points in LOL? | Candid.Technology Currently, in the Galaxies 2020 event, you can get 100 Prestige Points (and event icon) for 2200 Galaxies tokens.

Step 2: If you have enough special event tokens to get the Prestige Points, click on the item in the shop and then click on the Forge button (which will appear in a golden background if you have enough to get the Prestige Points bundle). The stated number of special event tokens will be deducted from your account, and you’ll be rewarded with the specified number of Prestige Points.How to get Prestige Points in LOL? | Candid.Technology If you feel the need to buy a few extra special event tokens to get the Prestige Points you want via the token shop, then you can spend some money and get yourself tokens from the LOL store too. Just a thought.

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How to use Prestige Points?

Before we go ahead with the (likely) unpopular paid option to get you Prestige Points, here is how you can spend the points you’ve just acquired. Note that contents offered in the shop keep on changing as you can see there’s a skin coming up in the shop soon in the screenshot below.

To access the Prestige Point Shop, click on the Loot icon from the top of the toolbar, located to the left of the Store icon. Then click on the Prestige Points icon (refer to the screenshot below).How to get Prestige Points in LOL? | Candid.Technology The Prestige Point Shop will appear to the right of the LOL client, and you can pick the skin or item you want to buy with your newly acquired Prestige Points.

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How to buy Prestige Points from the in-game store?

As mentioned above, buying Prestige Points is perhaps one of the least popular methods, but it gets you there quicker, and since it’s there, we’re going to talk about it in the guide below. 

Step 1: Click on the Store icon from the toolbar at the top of the LOL client, located to the left of RP and Blue Essence icons. Then click on Loot inside the store and choose the Masterwork Chest bundle that suits your needs.How to get Prestige Points in LOL? | Candid.Technology League of Legends sells three Masterwork Chest bundles that also get you a specified number of Prestige Points. One of the bundles contains a single chest and key alongwith one Prestige Points (for 225 RP); another contains five chests and keys alongwith six Prestige Points (for 1125 RP); the most costly one contains 11 chests and keys alongwith 13 Prestige Points. If you go on to buy the most expensive bundle from the aforementioned — assuming you don’t have any existing RP in your account– you’ll need to spend about €20 to buy RP. 

Step 2: On the pop-up, click on the 225 RP button to complete the purchase (refer to the screenshot below; the price will differ depending on the bundle you choose to buy). How to get Prestige Points in LOL? | Candid.TechnologyAlso read: How to logout of League of Legends?

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