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How to get HEVC codec in Windows 11?

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Do you want to get the HEVC codec in Windows 11? HEVC is a video compression standard that offers significantly better compression than its predecessor, the AVC codec.

HEVC codec helps you to edit or play HEVC videos on your Windows 11 PC. Many streaming services like Netflix also use this codec to stream videos without using too much internet bandwidth.

Cellphone manufacturers have recognized the benefits of HEVC and are increasingly incorporating support for this video codec. Leading brands like Apple and Google have embraced HEVC, making it available on newer devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Pixel phones.

By utilizing HEVC for video recording, these devices enable users to capture extensive footage without overwhelming their storage capacity. Compared to uncompressed or minimally compressed formats like AVI, HEVC allows users to record dozens or hundreds of hours of video content.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can get a free HEVC codec in Windows 11.

How to get HEVC codec in Windows 11?

However, by default, Windows 11 does not include the necessary codecs for HEVC playback. However, people can install them manually or rely on third-party media players pre-packaged with HEVC support.

Get HEVC codec via third-party apps

Numerous third-party applications like VLC offer HEVC codecs out of the box. VLC is one of the best free video players that supports various formats and provides a reliable HEVC playback experience.

Libde265 is another software worth mentioning here. It offers a solution for streaming services to deliver high-quality video content even under low-bandwidth conditions. By leveraging the capabilities of libde265, streaming platforms can simultaneously provide HD and 4K UHD content to a larger audience while significantly reducing streaming costs and network bandwidth requirements.

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Get HEVC codec via official HEVC video extension

Another way to install HEVC codec in Windows 11 is to buy the official HEVC video extension application from the Microsoft store at INR 54 or $0.99.

With this application, you can enjoy seamless playback of High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) videos across any video application on your Windows 10 or 11 device.

Software support is provided for devices lacking hardware HEVC support, although the playback experience may vary depending on the video resolution and PC performance.

Additionally, this extension allows you to encode HEVC content on devices without a hardware-based video encoder. This is particularly useful for content creation.

Transcode HEVC to H.264

Several software like the VideoPro Converter can be used to transcode the HEVC codec to H.264 without any loss in sound quality.

Thus, by using the three methods mentioned above, you can easily get the HEVC codec for Windows 11.

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Benefits and drawbacks of HEVC codec

Like everything in this universe, the HEVC codec has its benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of using the HEVC codec in Windows 11

Here are some benefits of HEVC codec:

  • Efficient Storage and Bandwidth Usage: Encode and stream high-quality videos with smaller file sizes, allowing you to save storage space and reduce bandwidth requirements. This is particularly beneficial for online video platforms and content creators.
  • Enhanced Video Quality and Performance: Devices that support hardware acceleration for HEVC decoding, such as Intel Core processors with Intel Graphics or Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, can deliver superior video quality and improved playback performance. Enjoy stunning visuals and smooth playback on compatible devices.
  • Efficient Video Editing: Take advantage of apps supporting hardware acceleration for HEVC encodings, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, to edit HEVC videos more flexibly and efficiently. Accelerated encoding speeds up editing and enables seamless workflow for HEVC content creators.

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Drawbacks of using the HEVC codec in Windows 11

Despite its benefits, using the HEVC codec in Windows 11 may present some drawbacks:

  • Compatibility Limitations: Certain apps or devices, such as older Windows Media Player or Xbox One versions, may not support the HEVC format. This can result in compatibility issues when playing or streaming HEVC videos on such platforms.
  • Performance Issues on Incompatible Hardware: Devices lacking hardware acceleration for HEVC decodings, such as AMD processors or older graphics cards, may experience performance issues or errors when playing or editing HEVC videos. Smooth playback and efficient editing may be compromised on unsupported hardware.
  • Potential Cost for Codec Acquisition: Depending on your device manufacturer and region, you may be required to pay a fee to download and install the HEVC codec from the Microsoft Store. Be aware of any associated costs for obtaining the codec on your Windows 11 device.

Frequently answered questions (FAQS)

Let us head to a few FAQs on the topic:

Why is HEVC codec not included by default in Windows 11?

The absence of the HEVC codec as a default inclusion in Windows 11 stems from licensing and patent considerations. To utilize HEVC technology, such as MPEG LA, Microsoft must pay royalties to the patent holders for each device incorporating the HEVC codec. Consequently, Microsoft has opted to offer the HEVC codec as an optional download through the Microsoft Store, with certain devices and regions subject to a fee for its acquisition.

How much does the HEVC codec cost on the Microsoft Store?

Currently, the price of the HEVC codec on the Microsoft Store is around $0.99 or INR 54.

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