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How many times does FaceTime ring?

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Apple’s Facetime remains the go-to video calling service for a majority of iPhone, iPad and Mac users. If you’ve been trying to reach someone but aren’t sure if your call is going through or wish to know if the other person is ignoring your calls, you might’ve wondered how many times Facetime rings before it automatically cuts the call.

Facetime rings a total of 11 times unless the other person declines your call.

After ringing 11 times, Facetime automatically drops the call and indicates that the person you’re trying to reach is unavailable. If the other person declines your calls, Facetime will ring for a shorter time.

Facetime might display ‘Unavailable’ in more than one case

However, before you jump to conclusions about any of your calls, here are a few things to consider about Facetime calls and the ring time.

As mentioned above, Facetime displays ‘unavailable’ on the screen when a person doesn’t pick up the call even after 11 rings. Here are a few other scenarios where Facetime might display ‘unavailable’ on the screen.

  • When the other person’s device is out of reception area or doesn’t have active internet connectivity. In such a case, Facetime might ring a few times and then display ‘unavailable’ on the screen.
  • Facetime also displays ‘unavailable’ when the other person declines your call.

If you’re able to reach the other person using some other app, there may be an issue with your Facetime, and the calls aren’t really going through, or you’re not being notified about incoming calls. If you’re facing any such problems, check out our article to fix Facetime not working issue.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team