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How to change the notification sound on Android?

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Changing the notification sound on Android is easy and usually requires just a few taps. As an Android user, you might have observed that different apps have their notification sounds, some pleasant and catchy, while others are quite bothersome and distracting.

As such, customising notification sounds as per your preference is important. Also, it will help you to distinguish between the more important and less crucial notifications.

In this article, we’ll guide you through simple steps to change notification sound on Android.

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How to change the default notification sound on Android?

The default notification sound is the one that plays when you receive notifications on your Android device without you assigning any specific sound.

To change the default notification sound on Android, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and head to the Sound and vibration option.
  • Here, tap on the Default notification sound option and then choose the sound you prefer.

Please note that the settings menu may differ slightly based on your Android version and device model. If you can’t locate the option for default notification sound, try searching for it in the settings app.

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How to change the notification sound for each app on Android?

You can also assign a custom notification sound for each app individually. This way, you can easily recognise which app is sending you notifications.

To change the notification sound for each app individually, follow the instructions given below:

  • Head to Settings > Apps > All Apps and tap on the app you want to select.
  • In the app settings, tap Notifications and then tap on any specified notification for which you want to change the sound.
  • Next, tap on Sound and then select your preferred sound.

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How to use your audio files as notification sounds on Android?

If you are unsatisfied with Android’s default sounds, you can always use your custom audio as notification sounds.

Remember to trim the audio file to the required length first, as you don’t want to hear an entire song when the notification buzzes on your Android device.

  • Head to Settings > Sound and Vibration > Default notification sound.
  • Now, tap the Add notification option at the last and select your mp3 file.

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Tips and tricks for choosing effective and appealing notification sounds

Changing the notification sound on Android is about personalization, communication, and productivity. Selecting the right notification sound can help you stay informed, focused, and motivated while avoiding unnecessary distractions and stress.

  • Choose different sounds for different apps and categories, making it easier to identify the app sending you a notification without looking at your phone.
  • You can match the sounds with the tone and purpose of the app or category. For instance, cheerful sounds for social media apps, calm sounds for productivity apps and urgent sounds for emergency apps.
  • Select the clear and audible, but not too loud or harsh, to avoid disturbing those around you.
  • Go for short and simple sounds, avoiding excessive repetition to prevent annoyance and maintain impact over time.
  • Ensure the sounds are compatible with your phone’s speaker and headphones, as well as suitable for various environments and situations, like indoors, outdoors, quiet, noisy, etc.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of changing notification sounds on Android.

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