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How to defragment the drive in Windows 11?

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If you want to make your Windows 11 operating system a bit faster, you should try to defragment the drive. When you defragment the drive, you reorganise the stored data so that the file can be accessed more easily the next time.

In this article, we’ve explained three quick ways to defragment the drive in Windows 11.

Method 1: Use the Defragment tool

This is the simplest way to defragment in Windows 11. Here’s how to use this tool:

Step 1: Search for ‘Disk Defragment’ in the toolbar search box and select the appropriate app.

Step 2: Select the drive and then click on Optimise.

If you want to schedule a disk defragment on a later day, click on Change Settings and then select the frequency and drive. When you’re done, click on OK to finalise your settings.

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Method 2: Use Copilot to launch defragment in Windows 11

Another way to defragment in Windows 11 is to use the Copilot AI tool. This tool is only available in Windows 11 after the September 2023 update.

Click on Copilot and then enter the simple prompt: ‘Open disk defragmenter’.

Yes, that’s it. You only need to enter these three words and click Yes to launch the Defragment and Optimise Drive tool.

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Method3: Use the Command Prompt

The third way to defragment is via the command prompt. You will have to give the ‘defrag’ command.

Step 1: Launch the Command Prompt by searching it in the toolbar search box.

Step 2: Now, type the following command: Defrag [Drive]:

For example, if you want to defragment drive C, you will write: Defrag C:

With these three methods, you can easily defragment in Windows 11 and make it more optimised and fast.

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