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How to delete Airtel Payment bank account?

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With more and more Indians getting connected to the internet thanks to lowered data prices and cheaper smartphones, the online payment sector has been booming in the country for the past few years. 

Several telecom providers, including Airtel, have opened fully digital banks that give users access to their account, UPI ID and even debit cards. With the Airtel Payments Bank, you can deposit up to INR 1 lac, have your UPI ID and virtual debit card for online transactions as well as the ability to withdraw cash from any Airtel Payment Bank Center. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to delete your Airtel Payment Bank account and close your account in the process.

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How to close Airtel Payment Bank account?

If you’re looking to delete your Payments Bank account, you’re going to have to contact Airtel via email at Once you’ve sent an email, a representative will get in touch with you, asking you to confirm your identity by giving proof of ID and proof of address. 

Once you’ve submitted the required documents, your account will be deleted, and any pending balance in your account will either be forfeited by your consent or transferred to another account.

Use the following format to write your email.

Subject: Request for Account Deletion.



I’m a registered Airtel Payments Bank user and would like to request an account deletion for personal reasons. The registered email ID with my account is [enter your email here], and the account is registered under [enter your name here].

If you require any more information from my end, please feel free to reach out on the aforementioned email or this phone number [enter number here]

Thank you

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Yadullah Abidi

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