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How to freeze location on Find My iPhone?

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The Find My feature by iPhone has been a boon to many, as it helps them find their lost Apple devices or locate their friends. However, sometimes this feature can feel invasive and lead to a feeling of being monitored. You can switch off your Find My feature, but if you are forced to keep it on for safety purposes, you can try to freeze the location.

In this article, we will discuss how to freeze the location on your Find My which will provide an illusion that you can always be tracked while stealthily allowing you to surveillance-free.

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Freezing your location

If you are willing to freeze your location on the Find My app, then you can do so by simply switching off the toggle in front of Share My Location in the Find My app. However, due to Apple’s settings, your friends can get a notification when your location changes including detailed information of when you are arriving at a location, leaving a location, or are not currently at some location.

Henceforth, if you are planning on not letting anyone know that you are pausing your location, then you can do so by following the methods given as below:

Breaking down methods

You can follow the methods given below to successfully freeze your location in one place on Find My without notifying anyone:

Airplane Mode

You can switch on the Airplane mode on your iPhone and this will pause your location on one spot in Find My. That location will be the last place your iPhone was active and it will remain that way as long as you keep the Airplane mode switched on. You can do this by following either of the two steps:

  • Head to Settings and switch on the toggle in front of Airplane Mode.
  • Swipe down on your home screen and from the Control Centre which has various options, then tap on the icon with an airplane display.

Switch off your iPhone

As similar to Airplane mode, you can switch off your iPhone if you do not want to show your location on Find My. However, both the methods, the Airplane and switching off are alas temporary. You can switch off your iPhone or place it on Airplane mode temporarily.

Use a separate Apple device

You will require a new Apple device for this method. All you have to do is open the Find My app on the new device and set it as your default device on the Find My app by tapping on Use This Device as My Location. You can switch off sharing your location on your current or actual iPhone. Now, that your spare device is active with your location information, you can leave it wherever you want your location to be visible on the Find My app.

Disable location services

You can also attempt to disable Location Services and this will stop feeding your location data to the Find My app. You can disable location services by following the steps given as follows:

  • Head to Privacy in Settings.
  • Tap on Location Services.
  • Switch off the toggle in front of the Location Services option.

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