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How to lower the ping on PS4?

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In the age of digital content, having a good internet connection can really make or break your experience. The same is true on the PS4 as well.

So if you’ve been struggling with high ping or lag issues with your PS4, here are seven things you can do to hopefully have a better experience. 

Use Ethernet instead of WiFi

This is especially handy if you don’t really have a very good router. Using a wired connection straight from your router can significantly improve the stability of your connection and give your console priority access to the connection. 

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Move your PS4 closer to your router

If you can’t run a wired connection between your router and console, try and bring the two closer together. Better signal strength and reception can help with achieving a more stable and eventually fast WiFi connection. 

How to lower the ping on PS4? | Candid.Technology
A stable Wi-Fi connection is often good enough for all your gaming needs

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Move your console and router away from walls/other devices

Walls and/or other WiFi devices in close proximity can cause interference or straight-up block out signal and eat your console’s connection bandwidth.

Try to place your console and router away from walls, and other wireless clutter and do the same with your router.

Change the DNS settings on your console

Changing your DNS settings can have a significant impact on your connection speed and stability as your connection goes through better servers. This helps ensure that you’re making the most out of your connection. 

Check out this article to know all about changing the DNS on your PS4.

Download games in Rest Mode for better download speeds

PS4 has a built-in power mode called the ‘Rest’ mode where the console enters a low power state but can still download update, games and charge controllers or other devices.

The orange light on the PS4 indicates it’s in rest mode.

If you’re downloading a big game, try switching your console into rest mode to get better speed as the only thing happening on the console at that time would be your game download.

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Download one game at a time for more efficient downloads

Building upon the previous point, don’t download multiple games or run multiple downloads in general on your PS4 if you don’t have the bandwidth to support that kind of behaviour,

It’s better to stick to just one download or update at a time to make the most out of whatever download speed your console is getting.

Get a better connection

If nothing else works, you might just have to get a better connection. You can also try upping your current bandwidth by contacting your ISP before you go through the hassle of switching connections to see if that fixes your problems.

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