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How to make a stone button in Minecraft?

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When playing Minecraft, basic mining and crafting tools are important skills every player needs to learn and learn rather quickly. However, as you advance in the game, there will be several things that basic tools won’t accomplish for you.

Minecraft has several different control options for players to control various things like torches and doors. In this article, we’re taking a look at buttons in Minecraft, including how to build one. 

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Minecraft buttons

Minecraft buttons, much like levers and pressure plates, are like switches in the game that emit a redstone signal for 1/4th of a second, otherwise called one tick. They come in two different types, wood and stone, and both have a few inherent differences.

A stone button can be pressed to activate by right-clicking. On the other hand, a wood button can be activated by either pressing them (by right-clicking the button) or using an entity to activate them, such as shooting an arrow. Once the button is activated, it’ll return to its normal state after a quarter of a second. 

You can use buttons to control toggleable devices such as iron doors, redstone torches and even command blocks.

Making a stone button in Minecraft

To make a stone button, all you need is one stone block. You can get stone by smelting cobblestone in a furnace with a fuel source. Cobblestone, in turn, can be found by either finding a cave or simply digging down from the ground. It is a commonly found element in the game and shouldn’t be hard to come by. 

Since they only require one crafting block to make, you can craft buttons either on the crafting table or in your crafting grid. Once you have the required elements, place them in any crafting grid block, and you’ll get a button.

In your crafting grid:

How to make a stone button in Minecraft?

In the crafting table:

How to make a stone button in Minecraft?

Once you have the button ready, you can move it to your inventory and place it wherever you want. Feel free to use Redstone sand to build your circuits the way you want. 

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