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How to ping a phone?

Smartphones have become an essential factor in our daily lives and losing one can mean losing a lot of personal and vital data. Therefore, being able to keep track of your phone is a rather important thing.

In this article, we’re going over how and why you should be able to ping a phone. 

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Why should you ping a phone?

The idea of tracking your phone all the time could be unnerving to some, and for a good reason. After all, someone tracking your phone is just as good as someone tracking you, as we tend to have our phones with us most of the time.

However, if you lose your phone or get stolen, the whole thing can help you track down your phone rather quickly. Being able to remotely find out where your phone is and what’s going on is an important factor in such cases.

How to ping a phone?

Now there are several ways you can ping a phone. Some of those are as follows.

Use the OSs tracking service

Find My iPhone on iOS and Find My Device on Android are both services built to track your phone when things go sideways. You should set up and enable these services on your phone.

How to ping a phone? | Candid.Technology
Find My Device can help you find your phone in minutes.

These services can help you locate your phone, ping it, lock the phone and display a message on the screen and if necessary, factory reset your phone to remove any sensitive data. 

Using third-party tracking services

Third-party tracking services such as Life360 or even Google Maps can be helpful while tracking your phone remotely. These apps allow users to share phone locations live and remotely. Besides, if you do end up losing your phone, you can ping it easily.

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Using Spy apps

For those who don’t know this yet, there are several spy apps on the internet and on the Android and iOS app store that a user can discreetly install on someone else’s phone. These apps can disguise themselves or even hide in plain sight and keep pinging things such as location, message history, call logs and so on to the person who installed them.

While we don’t recommend you do this to someone else without their permission, you can use these apps as an effective means of tracking and pinging your phone should you ever lose it or find yourself in such a situation. 

Using hardware trackers

This might be a bit of a stretch, but you can use hardware trackers such as Apple’s AirTags, Tile Pro or Chipolo One to track your phone and ping it as well. If you carry your phone around in a backpack, it’s relatively easy to drop one of these trackers in your backpack and then to be able to track the whole thing.

How to ping a phone? | Candid.Technology


Using phone number tracking

Although this method isn’t as effective as the others on this list, it can still at times help you figure out what’s going on with your device. For example, you can use phone number tracking apps such as Truecaller or Callapp to find out where your phone is located based on the signal region of your SIM card.

This information isn’t always useful and sometimes even fake, but it can still give you some idea about your device.

Contact the service provider

Now for the most effective method, you can get in touch with your cell service provider and find out where is your phone located precisely using cell phone triangulation. This method is generally available to law enforcement and service providers and is a highly effective way of tracking and pinging a device without any GPS or internet data. 

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