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How to record audio on a Chromebook?

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Chromebooks are renowned for their efficiency, simplicity, and user-friendly interface. One of the common tasks users frequently need to perform is audio recording. Whether you’re a student recording lectures, a professional capturing interviews, or an artist documenting creative ideas, knowing how to record audio on a Chromebook can be immensely useful.

This article discusses whether Chromebooks have an in-built voice recording program and different ways to record audio on Chromebooks.

Do Chromebooks have an in-built voice recorder?

On a Chromebook, there isn’t a built-in program for recording audio. But you can still make audio recordings easily using tools and apps in your web browser. You can even use online music-making platforms to record sound on your Chromebook.

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How to record audio on Chromebook?

Below we have mentioned a few apps and sites to help you record audio on Chromebook.


Open-source and free, Audacity has been millions of people’s go-to audio recording and editing tool for over a decade. Its ease of use is unparalleled, and the best thing is that all of its features are free, and you also get regular updates from the community.

We recommend you try Audacity before moving ahead in this list, as they have a strong track record of recording and exporting audio files in scores of formats.

Here is how to get Audacity for Chromebook


You don’t have to download or install anything for this tool. It lets you record audio on your Chromebook in your web browser. Just go to the website and press the Record button to start recording. After you finish, you can pick from different formats like MP3, OGG, and WAV. You can even share your recordings by email if you want.

Click here to access Vocaroo

Mic Note

Mic Note is an online tool for recording audio and taking Chromebook notes. With Mic Note, you can save your recordings and notes online, making them available on all your devices. The web app is easy to understand. There are buttons for recording audio at the top so you can use your computer’s microphone. Below the recording buttons is a space to write notes with different styles.

Mic Note has some useful extra features too. You can try the Mic Note Transcription Tool if you’re using it to write notes while recording audio on your Chromebook. Alternatively, you can connect audio and written notes or add pictures or PDF files.

Click here to get Mic Note

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Spotify for Podcasters

Spotify for Podcasters, formerly known as Anchor, is a popular platform for making podcasts. You can use it on your Chromebook’s web browser to record audio. After recording, you can share your audio on different places like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more podcast platforms.

You need to use the Spotify ID to login in the Spotify for Podcasters, and it comes with the free plan of Spotify.

Click here to access Spotify for Podcasters

Reverb Record

Another simple way to record audio on your Chromebook is using Reverb Record, an easy online tool. It works similar to Vocaroo. Go to the website, press the record button, and start recording. When you’re finished, click the record button again. After recording, you can share or put your recording on a website.

If you make an account with Reverb Record, you can manage the recordings you’ve made. You can also use the Reverb Record extension for Google Chrome. This adds a recording feature to your browser. Once you install it, you can easily access Reverb Record by clicking a button near your web address bar.

With the free version, you can record an audio of two minutes and a total of 10 recordings; the premium version comes at $5/month, which has 30 minutes length limit and unlimited recording.

Click here to get Reverb Record

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