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How to tell if someone’s phone is off when texting?

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Whether you are trying to contact someone by text or by calling, it can be pretty hard to reach them if their phone is switched off. Moreover, it can be hard for you to find out their availability, especially by text, if their phone is switched off. Now, there can be a number of reasons behind why a person may have switched off their device but there are not a lot of signs to figure out if a phone is switched off on a text.

So in this article, we will be discussing how you can tell if someone’s phone is switched off when you text them without or before calling them.

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Signs behind a switched-off phone

You can always call someone to check if their phone is switched off, if the call rings and then goes to voicemail, then it is a clear indication that their phone is not out of network area or switched off. However, if there is no ring and you are either directed to the voicemail or told by a kind lady to call back later or that the receiver is out of network coverage area, then their phone is most likely switched off.

If you are refraining from calling them, there are a few ways for you to check whether a person is available just with a text message:

Social media

It was probably your first thought and so is ours, as with social media you are either connected one way or the other. You can try messaging them on any social media including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, or even LinkedIn or Truecaller. Even though apps like LinkedIn may not score an immediate response, with call-detection apps Truecaller, Caller ID, or Whoscall, you can check their activity status.

So if you are able to get blue ticks or double ticks in your preferred social media app, then they are probably available for a call or a message. However, single ticks might suggest that your recipient is currently unavailable, so calling or messaging further might be futile.

Android messages

On an Android phone, you will be shown a Delivered text under your message bubble if your message is received by the recipient’s phone. An Android phone usually informs you if the message is undelivered.

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iPhone messages

If you and the recipient have iPhones then you can either track them on Find My, or you can send a normal message on the iMessage app and you will be able to view if the message has been delivered successfully. In case, the recipient does not have an iPhone, then a normal text will be sent. However, you will not be notified if the message has been delivered. A red exclamation mark might be visible if the message has not been delivered in case the recipient is out of the network area or if their phone is switched off.

Different phone

Try using a different phone to check if you are able to see the delivered messages or their social media activity. You can even call them from a separate phone to check their availability.

Undelivered message: Other reasons

If your message hasn’t been received or you are unable to get through to the recipient, then it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Blocked: If you have been blocked, then it might be difficult for you to reach them via call or message.
  • No signal: If you or your recipient are in an area where it is tough to get a network, then you might have to try after some time.
  • Switched off: If your recipient’s phone is discharged, switched off, or in airplane mode, then it might be challenging to reach them on time.
  • DND mode: If their phone is on Do Not Disturb mode or another Focus Mode on their iPhone then you will most probably have to wait for a while for the recipient to switch off this mode.
  • Disconnected number: If the number that you are trying to dial is no longer in service or active, then you will be greeted with an automated message saying that your message is no longer in service.

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